THE pit of DisPair...

This is for my two bf's (that I will not mention your names but you know who you are) that are in the pit of depair.....
I just wanted to tell the two of you that even though you are drowing I am hear to save you...not through text messages but through CPR.... This girl who I used to live with was a life guard and she taught me...so be brave I am on my way.
For my first friend.... PAIN is GAIN unless you decide to be a stalker which might turn out to be successful.
And my other friend....the Mail man might be the hottest guy you have ever seen and you never know that might be his second job...so that he can furnish the closet of your dreams. But if you want you can still bake me Apple pies!

But as the two of you are so sad so I am due to the fact that I need you like water, like breath, like rain.....I NEED YOU!


a follow up on the last post...AVA ELIZABETH SELF

Our sweet friends Tyler and Lauren Self recieved an amazing gift from the Lord yesterday at 12:45. She weighed in at 8lbs 2oz and measures 19 inches. She is absolutly beautiful and Lauren did an amazing job (people, she had no drugs...Can we call her Super Woman or what!). I saw her soon after the baby was born and she was glowing.
Here are a couple pics that I was able to snap up.


Babies...Babies and more babies!!!

I am not talking about babies for me so don't get any ideas...but I will have some excited news to post later. That is if Andy ever lets me leave work!
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