Things That have happened in the Wetherell Household since I last posted:

-My little (middle) Sister, Whitney, got engaged the week
before Christmas. It was such a fun proposal and we are
so thrilled that her and Ran will
be getting married this year!

-We went to Austin and celebrated Christmas with the Family.
Whitt and I were there for almost a week and loved it.
Andy joined us just in time for all the festivities.
- Whitt celebrated his first Christmas!
-On Christmas day we went and delievered gifts to all the kids @ the Children's hospital in Austin. It was an absolute Joy to see the kids faces light up when they saw
Santa and received their gifts.
- We had a "Spa Day" with Whittaker. It was so funny, we set up this "Spa" and would video everybody's reaction when they walked in the door, it made for a lot of laughs.
-We celebrated Christmas in Houston with the Wetherell/Sykes.
-It snowed in Jasper, Texas....I know I know, it snowed everywhere.
But this was Whitt's first Snow
We had a National Championship party at our house and cheered the Longhorns on.
Even though they lost, we still love them.
This little man turned 7 months (today) but he has gotten his 2 bottom teeth, is now sleeping swaddle free and flips to his stomach seconds after we put him down.
The little man is taking 2 naps a day (2 to 3 hours each).
Is eating 3 meals a day plus a 6 oz. bottle every 4 hours.
He is not big on fruit but loves most veggies.
He is absolutely full of personality and loves to laugh.
These Wetherell's are excited about the year ahead of them and
are praying about some BIG changes....


I promise to Post SOON, life has been crazy!


Free Christmas CD

itunes is offering a free cd this week and it is not to shabby, click on the link below and it will take you to the Christmas Cd. It is 14 songs from all different types of singers.
Check it out, it is Free!!!!!
Merry Christmas!


Happy Half Birthday Whittaker

Happy Half birthday to my favorite little man in the whole world.
This time last year I was making little calendars to give out to everyone to tell them that you were growing in my belly. I was so happy when I heard your first little heart beat and knew that you were actually in there. I will never forget the first time that I felt you move, joy filled me from head to toe. Oh, and when I found out you were a boy, I was beside myself. We had never had boys in my family, so I was a little scared but little boy, you have sure melted my heart like no one has before. I am so proud of you on this half birthday. You have blown us out of the water. You have beaten all odds of a baby born at 29 weeks, you are such a strong fighter. You have pushed the envelope from day one- impressing everyone from doctor's, to therapist's, to the parents of other babies in the hospital, to your family. to your mom and dad. So Little Whitt on this 6 month birthday I want to thank you for letting us be your parents, letting us love you, letting me carry you in my belly for 29 weeks, but most of all
Thanks for impressing us...don't stop!
I love you little Bit and It is my pleasure to be able to call you my son.


Wednesday With Whitt

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