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Sunday Morning Meltdown




New chapter for the Wetherelll Family of Three and hoping to be MORE...

So the Wetherell family of three has some exciting things
going under our roof. Andy and I have
loved being parents to Whittaker and
cannot imagine not loving on more little cuties like him.
SO there for we are about to start a new journey as a family.
Here is a little back story to explain where we are about to go....

I found out I was pregnant with our sweet baby boy on December 15, 2008. Andy and I were ecstatic yet nervous at the same time. This was not something we had "planned" and if you know me, you know that I am a planner. But God had bigger things planned for us than we knew. My pregnancy was going great and then one day I started to swell. I went to my normal appointment and he said that everything was normal with all my levels and I was just going to have to deal with the swelling. Girls, it was awful and I thought it couldn't get any worse - oh but it did. After a couple trips to the Hospital, a weekend on bed rest, etc. I was emitted to the hospital with preeclampsia, which only affects 5 to 8 % of all pregnancies. I was one of that 5 %. I was in the hospital for 3 days trying to get my blood pressure under control but I was near stroke level so within literally 5 minutes notice, I had 2 epidurals (which did not work) and a spinal tap and I was off to have my little baby boy. I was 29 weeks pregnant and was not ready for him to come out, he was suppose to bake a little longer. But again my "plan" wasn't going to happen, God had a different plan and that was to bring, Whittaker, our 3 lb. baby boy into this world now. He was taken to Houston while I stayed in the hospital in Beaumont for 7 more days. Preeclampcia was a scary time for me, I don't remember very much of my 10 day stay, aside from what people tell me. My blood pressure would not level out and my body was doing some wild things, so they put me on different crazy medicines. Little Whitt was in the hospital for two months which that in itself on top of me being sick was a tad overwhelming. Preeclampsia has followed me around till recently, I was just able to get off my blood pressure medicine
(a year later),which has been a relief.

So with that said, Andy and I are wanting to grow our family but I run a 30% chance of preeclampsia affecting my pregnancy again and the risk increases even more due to the severe case that I had.So God had planned something different for us in this season of life.
We are so excited for this next chapter and the path that God has taken us through on our past journey that have led us to this. We have been talking to an adoption agency and have been praying about what direction to go in. We are as of right now going the Foster to Adopt path and are super pumped/nervous/excited/etc. WE have our first meeting/training during the second weekend of August. We are ecstatic about the possibility of being the Wetherell family of FOUR. We know it will be a long journey but I am glad I will be able to share it with you along the way. Please pray for Andy, myself and Whitt that our hearts would be molded and that we will be open to everything that God has for us.

I leave you with the a picture of the most handsome stud on earth
Also please go to my friend Janelle's blog and be a part of her journey as her family had their first foster to adopt meeting this week. I am so excited to be able to walk on parallel paths in this journey with the Hartfield's.
Janelle and I in Sudan,Africa in July 2008

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I put my hope.
Psalm 130:5

P.S I just started a little twitter account and I don't really understand, Tweeting friends Please help me.


Ahoy! Whitt is ONE!

Whitt Loved his first birthday!
He played really hard and ate more food than I could ever imagine him eating. I forgot to get a picture of the cute little sailor favors and the front of the house which I was super bummed about. But I hope you enjoyed the rest of the Pictures. It was a BLAST!


Here are a few of the behind the scene pictures.
The Goods
Excited for the BIG DAY!
Chocolate covered marshmellows
Whitt Grilling the hotdogs and Ribs.
Tay making the sandwiches for the kids lunch boxes.

Thanks everyone for coming and spending
such a special day with us!!!
We cant wait till the BIG 2!!!
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