Week in Rewind

Church at FBCI- great! Whataburger: TWO WORDS, Fancy Ketchup....
Drive Back to the beautiful Jewel, Jasper.

DBU Alumni Baseball Game. Whittaker slept through the whole thing.
Jon's Birthday Bowling Bash.

Journey to meet Andy in the big D from Austin.
Alum Golf Tourney.
Whitt and I went shopping, got locked out of the house for the day.
So....went and saw Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 3D, which made me dizzy thereforemaking me feel as if I had vertigo all day... and hungry, so hungry.
Which isn't good considering I still need to lose 30.
Pregnancy, oh the joys.
I mean seriously look at that burger,
how could this movie not make you hungry.

Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday, Sunday....
Spent the week in Austin and let my family love on the little man.
We had a busy week full of family, food and fun!

Some of the Blackwood cousins with our little tots.
Whitt's Great Grandmother, Jewel, just giving him some lovin.
And then the trip to Cabela's, what a boy's paradise.
Whitt just loved it, if you cant tell in the pictures below...
he slept threw the whole thing.
But we were getting him prepared for what's to come....

Well I will leave you with a picture of what the little guy is doing as we speak.
This was such an exciting post it put him right to sleep!


Happy Fall Yall!!!!!



The eyes of TEXAS are upon you!
We were in Austin for UT/Texas Tech game and Whittaker sported his favorite team and cheered them on to a victory with his dad. We also put him in Tech attire for a short minute so he could pose with his aunt Tay so she would feel the love
and he could get his guns up...
Tay and Whitt
Aunt Nei and Whitt


whitt @ 3 months

photography by joyelle


Yesterday I decided to get a little crafty,
so I made Little Whitt Bit some new threads.
He is wearing the pear today and absolutely loves it,
he told me himself.
I swear he did.
I just had some onesies lying around so I decided
to spice them up a little bit.
Who doesn't need a little spice in their life,
especially when you live in Jasper.

Well After all this crafting the little bit has gotten sleepy,
so I am off to put him down.


Say what you want but.....

Ladies Man!!!


Little Bird You forgot something....

A few things the stork left with me:

1. a stomach that is not quiet the way it was before
2. a bathtub and bathroom floor full of hair, will it ever stop falling out!
3 tears...thank goodness my hormones are starting to balance out
4. hot flashes
5. high blood pressure
6. baby bangs. Should I cut bangs to hide them or just tough it out, that is the question?
7.adult acne, seriously???
8. an expanded waistline
9.stretch marks.... don't be grossed out, everyone has them.
Even if you dont think you have them, you do.
10. lots of hospital bills- no maternity insurance is a killer.
11. this stud, which makes it all worth it!


THe Big D, baby style

We went to Dallas this past weekend so Andy could get his hunt on, we came with an ice chest full of milk and left with an ice chest full of dove. This was Whitt's first time to come to Dallas and it was so great for him to meet a lot of people that have been praying for him. We were able to stay with the Durham's and go to First Irving, which was a blessing. We just love that church and the Durham's. While Andy and the boys were hunting, Whitt and I spent a few days with the Girls and Cade. It was so fun for Whitt to meet his new friend.
It is hard to believe that Whitt and Cade will only be a grade apart.
I cant wait for him to get big so that him and Cade can play together.
Thanks to all the peeps in Dallas, we had a Blast!!!!
Whitt and Cade
Cade, Kim, Whitt and Kristy
Mel, Cade, Whitt and I

Highchair Hangout

Whittaker and I have to be a little creative on how we spend our time in the "jewel of the Forest" since there isn't much to do here.
We have turned to photography to fill some
of our days. This is what we did yesterday,
The little man is growing more and more with each day,
he now weighs 9 lbs,
so he has tripled his weight.
He is full of personality and even has a little temper.
Well we are off to enjoy our long weekend!!!!

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