One Year Anniversary!!!!

Today was our one year Anniversary.....we had planned to go out on the lake but due to the weather we just hung out, went and ate in Fort Worth at our favorite sandwich place (The Great Outdoors), went to William Sonoma (Andy got an ice cream maker and is using it as we speak), we also rented a movie and should be watching it any minute now (depending on how long it takes Andy to make ice cream).
It was great to just do nothing for once.... I feel as if we never have any down time.
As desert after dinner we each had a slice of our wedding cake ( which was a Bundt cake for those who didnt know) from a year ago. In all honesty, it was really good. It was lemon, I didnt ever get to taste that flavor (cause we had a few different flavors). I truthfully didnt even know we had lemon cake!
Well I just wanted to write a short post to say I love you my sweet husband.....I have learned more about you in this ONE year than 6 years we dated.
Ok, I am going to taste the ice cream...I will let you know how it tastes..... oh yeah, it also make Sorbet (which is amazing to my soul!!!!)



Ok....I officially have gross legs. My legs look like they did when I was 5 yrs old with the chicken pox.
I walk outside for a total of 5 minutes and I get 30 bites. I hate it!!!!!!!
They spray for this kind of stuff in Austin.....what is up Weatherford???
I mean my legs are already bad news due to the paleness that takes over them.... now I guess it atleast looks like I have a splotchy (sp.??) sunburn.
Help me!!!


The Past, The Present and The Future.....

This weekend I was able to visit my old roommate and one of my bestest friends ever, Jordan Pudlo. She has two amazing and beautiful children, in which you will see in the pictures below. ( Ty and Hallie). We had alot of fun and I was able to some what picture what life would be with children.....I discovered that I am not yet ready for that journey in life.
We were also able to Celebrate our friend Deb's B-day...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEB!!!!!!!
On a different note we traveled to Austin to celebrate the Life that my friends Adam's dad (Jeff) had on this earth. He passed away away on Thursday of last week, but as we gathered together we were able to hear and remember why he was loved so much. My friend Adam spoke at the service and the words he shared were amazing....absolutly amazing.

So this week I have thought about just how I should live life to the fullest and be greatful for all that I have. So my challenge for you is to do the same.....


Bluegrass and Bluebell

Our church had this wonderful event called Bluegrass and Bluebell..... the clouds cleared and left us with beautiful blue clear skies and cool weather. It was a great night and I was able to break the diet and eat ICE CREAM, praise God! Not only was it ice cream, it was Blue bell- the most amazing ice cream in the world.... (Daniel and Amy I am thinking of you as we speak....no Bluebell for you. What's North Carolina's problem?
Well due to the fact that I do not have kids of my own (yet, God willing!) I took pictures of all my sweet friends children. In the Pics below I capture The Incredible Jackson Jones indulging in a coke, The Beautiful Ella Bo Bella... and my sweet friend Lauren and the little girl that is in her belly....


I am finally 26, even though I thought I was all year! Thanks everyone for coming to my P-A-R-T-Y!!!!!

Back to my roots....Austin

I was able to go home two weeks ago and hang out with my sisters and mom. Due to the fact that my sisters and I are connoisseurs of the museum, we had to frequent some of them in Austin. We went to the Bob Bullock museum in which we saw 3 IMAX shows and went to the space exibit. We also went to a new museum in Austin in which we played in the yellow "noddles" which you will see in the pictures below. In all honesty the Museums were a complete waste of time but they allowed us to capture some great pics.

It was a great trip with the fam!!!!
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