What's Up with the Wetherells

For for my lack of posting the thought of writing a paragraph style post is just exhasting so bullet point it is. So here is the run down:

-Whitt is a dancer. Straight up. He loves Riahanna (I know it's so wrong), he shimmy's his heart out every time she comes on. His shimmy-ing steals my heart.
- Andy is in China- for 12 days. We are super pumped for him and are lifting him up along with the rest of the team. (sorry not really allowed to go into detail) We can't wait for him to come home so we can hear all that was planted. For know, I now that they have some killer dumplings.
-Whitt can say mama, dada, gus (us), and Thank you
-We have been traveling around (Dallas,Austin,Houston,Jasper) to see family while Andy is gone, for now we are in Austin, helping with my sister, Whitney's wedding. Which is in 3 weeks. I cant believe she is getting married!!!
- Whitt recently just got his real "first haircut". I have trimmed it but we just cut off all his curls so we could even it out. Cutting those curls off officially made his look like a smallman and made me want to break down.
- I am not eating carbs right now and feel like I am going to die.
-Honey Goldfish are little little pieces of heaven. Random, yes, but needed to be documented,
even though i cant eat them. Remember, no carbs.
- Whitt took 6 steps in a row but has refused to walk ever since, but he is officially the world's fastest crawler.
-Dove Season started yesterday, this is Andy's favorite part of the year so it is deemed "Man Season" in the Wetherell household.
- Whitt recently got his FIRST knot on his head from falling down,
I am sure this is the first of many.
- We had our first adoption meeting and have list's of stuff to do.
We are so excited to get this going though.

Here are the pictures of whitt's haircut and then a
video of him doing what he loves. Dancing.
The locks before the cut... His hair was so cute but it was creeping into a mullet.
Pondering over the thought of his new do.
Thanks you Birds Barbershop for being so patient
with my little stud.

Here is Mr. Shimmy himself


::painting and popsicle's::

Andy's brother, his wife and their two kids have been living with us for the past two weeks while they get some work done on their house. We have had some fun times while they have been here. I am afraid when they leave that
Whittaker is going to be sad that his playmates are gone.
So tonight we had painting and
Popsicle's and the kids loved it.
Here are some pictures from our night o' fun.

Catch Up...

This little preemie is trying his hardest to catch up.

Height: 30 3/4 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 20 lbs 5 oz. (7th percentile)
Head: 18 1/4 in. (25th percentile)

But in the mean time, he is enjoying being
just the way he is,
which is as CUTE as ever.


wild child.

My little wild child turned 15 months this past week.
Whitt, you are an absolute joy, your personality comes more and more into full action. You have a constant smile on your face and blue eyes that melt my heart. You are non-stop, the only time your dad and I get to stop chasing you is when you are a sleep. You are eating like a champ, but are a little particular about what exactly you eat (which I understand, because I am picky also). You are still taking two bottles a day (which I need to break you of) but I love that time with you, it is the only time you will sit on my lap in still-ness. You are still loving fruits, veggies and beans more than meat... you will still eat meat but you don't squeal for it. You HEART coke to the extreme, I literally have to wait till you are down to enjoy the burn in my throat. I guess you also like that burn, but little man, you are to young. You still love your bath time, you are at your happiest when you are emerged in water. You have learned to open the back door and the frig, which has been fun for me...I just wish the refrigerator had a lock. You love being outside but that only lasts minutes due to this Houston heat. Every time your daddy walks in the door, you squeal and laugh with so much excitement, last week it brought tears to your aunts eyes seeing it happen. You are standing by yourself but refuse to walk, but you crawl so fast, I wouldn't want to start walking either. Whittaker Overstreet you are growing so fast right before our eyes. Several times during the day I look at
you and am just speechless because you are so dern cute.
Little man you Rock our World!!
Happy 15 months.


Donuts and Dad's day out (with Babies)

Last Saturday was a fun day for the Wetherell's. We had some friends in from Dallas and the Dad's took the Boys for the day. Their day started off with donuts and ended at bass Pro Shop. While us Girls had a peaceful lunch at Ruggles, followed by shopping and a pedicure. It was sure nice of the BIG boys to take the LITTLE boys while we were able to have a day child-free.
Thanks Andy and Ryan!!!!

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