Well today is Tuesday.
I woke up to the surprise of fever blisters on my lips.
I love them.
I got my first one when I was three.
I was the flower girl in my Aunts wedding the next day.
When I had Whitt- I got a lot of them.
When I say a lot, I mean 150 in my eye ball alone.
This was a first.
Fever blisters in my eye ball.
Words do not describe the pain my friends.
I would show you a picture but you would die, and never think of me the same.
What made it worse was they would not let me see Whitt in the NICU while I had them.
I also had mastitis.
The fever from it gave me the Blisters.
Is this too much information.
Back to the blisters I have now.
My eyelid has them too, in the same spot as before. Yes. I had them on my eye lid also.
I look like I was busted in the mouth.
I am having crazy flashbacks of FEVER BLISTER MANIA 2009.
I am thankful that I can see Whitt this time though, even though I cant kiss him.
(yes. He is trying to eat minnows out of a fish net. Live ones. Sick. Even if he didn't get my fever blister gene he might get something from eating raw minnows. Poor thing. such a stud, a minnow eating stud at that.)

Me+fever Blisters = not so studly


Maximum word capacity

Well things have been going with us. Life is full speed ahead and for that I am grateful. I am grateful for life and where I am. I has been good to be back in Jewel of the Forest and do life as a family again. Not saying it hasn't been hard and that I didn't put a little resistance to coming back here but I have been able to see the fruits of being back together as a unit. And that has been good. Some people might love the country but it is just not my cup of tea, but this is the season we are in and I am learning to embrace it- not saying I don't have days, but I have life so there for I must be grateful for God has a reason for us to be here and his reasons are good. So that is all I need for now.

Life for the Wetherell's has been packed. My little sister is getting married so we have been busy with that and we are getting used to life on the go again. We had some sweet friends over last weekend and it was so great just to be able to visit with my sweet girlfriends and be refueled a little. You know how some people can just give you fuel, my sweet friend from North Carolina is like that. I don't even have to be with her that long and my tank feels full.

We are moving full speed ahead with our adoption stuff. As of right now we are only lacking two items to be done before our home study and I am hoping for those to get done in the next two weeks. I thought I was at the same point about a month ago and I was handed another stack of paper work but that is now done- praise the Lord - and we are moving forward. I cant wait to have another little baby in our home, I have the "fever" full blown so I am glad to be "near" the end of this paperwork pregnancy as our agency calls it.

We are excited about our upcoming

WE have been blessed and are continuing to be blessed by the people donating items. As a reminder the sale will be
Saturday,MAY 21st.
(We are still taking your "trash" our "treasure" if you have a donation you would like to make please contact me and when can come get your treasures).

My email is blackwoodc@sbcglobal.net

Whitt is doing good. To be honest, this age has been very trying for me as a mother. My son is very strong willed and independent and at the end of the day, I am tired. Someday I am tired before the day begins from the previous day. But I love that strong willed, independent thing and I am glad he keeps me going. It is weird how God has perfect timing because with this adoption stuff he has slowed us down a little bit in the process and looking back I am grateful for this time just with Whittaker. To invest in him. And to be in this stage with just him.
Well I think I have reached my maximum capacity on words to type before someone is completely bored out of there mind. Thanks for letting me ramble. I leave you with another picture of the stud himself!

(Another Perk about being in the Jewel, my son is a free as a bird. Run wild,I tell you, I mean look at that dirt, A two year olds dream. ha!)


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