I wore White to the FALL festival

Yes. I wore White to the fall festival. yes. the fall-fest is after labor day and I wore White. It was one of those mornings where not one item in the closet liked me and I despise each item back. All except for the White pants, so I wore them, I wore the White pants after labor day to the fall festival. But that is o.k because the festival was not for me it was for this little man.
Which hadn't taken a nap all day because bless his little heart his dad had men cutting down trees right by his bed room window and his mom set off the smoke alarm cooking stew for the day. He and his nap did not mesh. But me and my White pants did. Maybe the fact that I wore White pants distracted people for seeing my eye brows which i hadn't plucked in over a week. I noticed them in the car on the way there, there was no turning back. I
had to embrace the fact that they looked like a forest.
Whitt dressed up as an elephant for the festival
(costume was removed shortly after picture)
I know I am bias but he was the cutest elephant there. Or should I say he was the cutest little elephant body there, he refused to keep on the head which was o.k with me because he would have most likely had a heat stroke, it was a beautiful day but those
little costumes are like a little heat factory within themselves.
See that cute little elephant above, that was the only picture we got with his head on and it was on my husband's blackberry camera (same with the one above it). Not only did I wear white but I was that mom that left the camera battery plugged into the wall and didn't notice until she went to take her first picture and it wouldn't turn on. Dern. So now we have blurry cell phone pictures that I will embrace!
On the actual day of Halloween, we hung out with friends, ate dinner, went to a parade (actually we were the parade, the kids walk the parade in there costumes) and did a little trick or treating. Whitt wore his regular clothes, no elephant this time-just wasn't worth his comfort or that whole heat stroke thing. Over all we had a great weekend of two much candy, Whitt eating his first starburst, wrapper and everything, seeing friends and their cute kids, having a quick visit from my sister on Sunday morning and seeing cute little ones come to our door for candy and "lighting the night"!
On a little different note here are few of things going on with the Wetherells:

-Andy and I are almost done with our fostering stuff so we can be put on the home study list, we are super excited for our classes and paper work to be all finished! We have 2 more classes in which one of them is this Thursday. wahoo!!!
- My littlest sister Taylor got engaged last week and we are all super excited for them.
(Pictures to come later)
-Andy is moving to a new house in Jasper this week, he is doing it alone while Whitt and I are here, so lift him up, he has a full week of work and moving!!!
- Whitt is saying more and more and communicating so much better
- We are gathering things around the house for a garage sale we are going to have soon (details to come) but oh it feels oh so good to clean out the un-needed goods.

Well I think that's all for now, HAPPY MONDAY!



Please head to my friend
and read her post on
being blessed by kids.
It couldn't have come at a more perfect time.


Pumpkin head

Can you believe that this cute little pumpkin
he could
take off his diaper and play with his poop all over the wall during nap time? I would of never guessed but oh yes, it happened. And he has WHITE walls... oh the horror. It was a disaster but It will be something I will remember forever. My little baby is officially becoming a little boy and a wild one at that.

He is all BOY!


is a


16 months.

I cant believe that whittaker
is 16 months old,
oh how time flies.
Whitt- you my child are a light. You keep me on my toes all day long. You might look like me but sweet son you have energy like your dad. It is never ending. You constantly want to be outside running around or pretending you are big enough to ride your tricycle (even though it is really me pushing you... I will still let you think you are doing all the work). You are talking non-stop and are very independent. Son, you have become sweeter and sweeter- you will now just walk up to me and want to cuddle or plant a big kiss on my cheek- it melts my heart every time and I dread the day you stop. You have also developed a little but of a temper, you would never know it with how sweet you can be but little man when you are mad you let everyone know about it. I will just call you strong willed for now. Son, thank you for keeping me on my toes. I look forward to everyday I get to chase you around!
Things I dont want to forget:
*You "breaking" into the laundry room everyday, multiple times,
to get a coke even though you know you cant have it.
*You now only take one 3 hour nap a day
*You climb in and out of the bathtub even
though it does not have water in it.
*You love shoes
*You are still sleeping 12 hours a night
*Your favorite foods are grapes, beans, rice, strawberries, hot sauce and veggie nuggets
*You can say mommy, dada,thank you, moo, duck, NieNie
(what you call your Aunt Whitney), shoes, dog, deer
*How you break down the baby gate to play chase
*You hate having your diaper changed
*You love to play in your crib
*You love for me to read to you
*you start to shimmy or clapping after doing something wrong in hopes that I will think that you are too cute for consequences.
*You push your trucks around and say, "vroom"
Happy 16 months Mr. Whittaker Overstreet,
your mom and Dad
love you to the moon!


Parks and Parties.

Yes. I have been in a blog drought and to be honest I still am but I wanted to put a few pictures of of the little bit for our families.We have been crazy busy but He is just as cute as ever and we are loving this cool weather and
spending a lot of it outdoors... His favorite place to be.
So here are a few pictures of our latest adventures...
Happy Birthday on Thursday to the
great-est little Hallie I know.
Your pumpkin dress-up party was out of this world!
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