Catch up time....

Ok.....Here is the list.
1. My middle sister Whitney moved to Dallas and lives in a great apartment in Uptown.
2. I, along with Michelle Stanphill, Melissa Murrell and Julie David threw a shower for Lauren Self...who baby is due anyday now so keep her in your prayers

3. Andy and I have been working are heads off
4. Hunting season starts on Sat. so that is all my husband has been doing....preparing for the big hunt.
5. I went to Houston to see my friends- Jordan and Lauren and to help my friend Jordan bake a cake. Andy went and hung out with his family

6. Went to Austin to see the fam and go to a friend from High Schools wedding
7. We found out on Saturday that we are going to Sudan in July 2008 (read more about it in the post below)
8. I got three tickets in three days..... keep in mind it was my first time to ever get a ticket, or atleast the first ticket was.
9. I cut my hair and Thank God it is now starting to grow out (even though I still can't put it in a ponytale)
10. I have been searching for a large mirror to go over my couch...if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

Well that is a little recap on the last month of the Wetherell's....I swear I will post more often.


Ok..... I know that I havent posted in a while but Life has been asolutely crazy. I have alot of updates and fun pictures that I will share later but I wanted to tell yall that Andy and I are going to the SUDAN in July of 2008. We are super stoked about what God is doing in our life and are excited about this journey he is leading us on. I wanted to ask yall to please add us on your prayer list as us and our team prepare for this journey. I know that the trip is almost a year away but I feel that I have alot of spiritual preparation that need to take place as God molds Andy and I for this trip.
I'm sure I will have more specific updates at a later time, but YEAH FOR SUDAN!!!!
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