Wow! Andy and I were beyond overwhelmed by everyone reaching
out to us and helping us get to our goal of
bringing another little baby into our home.
We were truly blessed by all the emails we received.

To answer a few questions that I got:

When is the Garage sale?
We are going to have it in February, toward the end or beginning of March
We are hoping to collect enough items by then and hoping the
weather has warmed up a little by then.

Where is the sale going to be?
A sweet friend in Houston has offered her home or should I say driveway,
so we will be having it there

Will we be in Dallas? Austin? to pick up items?
Yes! Yes! Yes! We will be in Austin on Christmas Eve and Day and would be happy to pick anything up then. And I am 100% we will be in Dallas at some point, we cant stay away from there for that long :)

Do we want items now or later?
We will take them when ever you want to give them, I would love to pick them up and hug your neck to thank you. We are hoping to price items as they are donated so we don't have to do it all the night before the sale.

If we don't have anything to sell can we just donate financially?
Yes, you can...
I put a button on my right side bar and you can
donate through pay pal. It is super simple, click on the donate button.

Again we have been truly blessed by y'all and totally overwhelmed by God's power and grace over our family.

Here are a few pictures of my little stud,
I just cant help but show y'all him in his new winter hat.



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