An update on the Little man!

I am about to go up to the hospital but I wanted to give you a little update on Whitt.
 He is doing really well, he has had a little bout with reflux but they put his feedings on a machine which allows the food to go in over 30 minutes instead of letting the food go in the tube just through gravity which takes about 5 minutes. He has done really well since they put him on the machine. His feedings have been increased to 24 calories.... can you imagine if we 
only ate 24 calories a meal, like 4 grapes!!!! They have decreased the temp. on his incubator because he is becoming a little better about regulating his body temperature, which is great. 
He has finally started gaining weight instead of loosing.... 
 He has gained 5 packets of BBQ sauce from Chick-fil-a, approximately 5 oz.!!!!!
Well that is about all for now... I am off to be with the little man!!!!!!


Some of Whitt's many Visitors

Whittaker has been blessed to have so many visitors. Thank you all for coming visit, it means so much to our family. 

Mom and Dad

               Andy and John Martin
Madalyn and Erica
Natalie, Christine, and Me
Jon and Melissa
Taylor and Whitney


First Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day
 to the most Handsome Man I know.... 
Whitt is so lucky to have you as a DAD, 
can you believe you are a Dad? 


3 lbs.

Sorry it has taken so long for me to update the blog, we have really taken time to spend as much time with Whittaker as possible. Whitt is now at 3 lbs. , he has lost 3 oz. but it is nothing to fret about, the nurses say it is pretty common. But with that said, he does need to start gaining weight, we need to slowly increase the milk and decrease the IV fluids (vitamins) going in him (we are praying the IV comes out tonight). Texas Children's is really a neat place, I am so glad that God has placed Whitt there. It was so AMAZING to be with him today, just to see him open his eyes and squirm, it was so so great to see him smile! It was a just the best feeling to finally be able to hold him (even though I was a little nervous because he is so small), it was also great to see Andy hold his son.... I loved it!!!!! Andy was able to change his diaper today, it was really neat to see him take charge, he was definitely more brave than me. SUPER DAD (say it to the Super man tune)!!!! It is so crazy how small he is, in pictures he just looks like such a giant compared to real life, I was in total shock along with every one else that comes to visit on how small he actually is. God has just blessed us with a total miracle, which AMAZES me, how God just pours blessing upon blessing to HIS children. It is crazy how God knew from the very beginning of my life that I would be having a baby on June 11th at noon instead of August 11... HE knew and HE knew why.... it just shows how are life are so beautifully orchestrated. Well I am getting tired and I need to save my energy for Andy's FIRST Father's day with Whittaker.  
Here are some pics of the little man...

Our First Family Picture!!!!!

Please pray that Whittaker will continue to improve and that he grows into a strong young man. Please continue to pray for me (Corey) and my blood pressure, that it continues to stable out. Also please pray for the bond to strengthen between us and our son, it is all still so surreal.
Also, Andy has to go back home to work for part of this week (Monday morning), 
so please pray for his safety and all of our emotions as he has to be away. 
 We have a long journey ahead but we know that GOD has picked the path, so we are ready!!!!! 

Corey and Andy


His PERFECT timing!!!!!

I am getting discharged from the Hospital as I type!!!!!!!
 Praise to God, All the GLORY to HIM!!!!!

P.S. I cant wait to FINALLY see Whitt,
 because I think he might look like me...
he definitely has my nose.

Day 10 for Mom a one week old Whitt

Days for Whitt 

Whitt was born 7 days ago at noon today,
 What a miracle.
 Whitt is improving by the day... they were able to take the jaundice lights and "ski goggles" off of him today and they say that he is doing great. His weight is down to 3lbs 1 oz. but the nurses have said that it is common for his to loose weight before starting to gain.  The nurses have really taking a liking to our little man, which is a praise. What a great feeling to know that the people taking care of your son care for him so much. 
Today is day 10 for me in the hospital. 
Yesterday my emotions were all over the board, just being in the hospital and being away from Whitt has been really hard on me. I felt as if crying was apart of the norm yesterday, but as I was rounding down for the night, Andy read Psalms to me and this morning I definitely awoke with God's comfort and peace dwelling in me.
 Andy has been staying with me also, so we are both really praying to get to leave soon. 
My blood pressure has been all over the board but usually staying in really high numbers, so our prayer is that it lower and evens out so that we can head to Houston. 
God has a plan, so we are hanging in there. 
Please continue to pray for Whitt in the NICU and the doctors that are watching over him, please pray for Andy and I as we are in the hospital for at least another night, pray that my blood pressure becomes stable to that we can hit the road and for the Doctors that are watching over me. 
Thank  you for your prayer in advance, they have definitely been felt. 
I will leave you with a picture from yesterday that Andy's mom took of our little STUD ( he sure does like his hand on his chest, I think its been there in every picture.)!!!!


Happy 5 Day Birthday Little Whitt.

This is Corey. I have finally gained enough strength and have been taken off some of my crazy meds to finally be a normal human being. It was so refreshing to be able to shower and get out of bed today. My blood pressure is still a little scattered so we are praying to get that under control. I know that God is the ultimate healer and His hand has definitely
 been apparent through this whole process and still is working in outstanding ways. 
I am counting down the days to get out of the hospital, feel better and see little Whitt. 
Whittaker is also doing really well today, the sonogram of his brain came back and there was NO bleeding, which is a HUGE praise. He is completely off the ventilator and is breathing on his own. Praise the LORD!!!! He is definitely our little 3 pound fighter. It is crazy how I can love something so much while I have only touched the round of his foot and seen him twice. It is a great reminder of how much God really does love us as his children and how He has the power to instill so much love in us for someone else. Whittaker, Andy and  I have just begun this journey of life and are so excited. We have been told that little Whitt will probably be in the Hospital until the earliest, full term,  which is August 11th, but I am excited to see how God is going to grow and strengthen us as a family during this time. I am so thankful for every one's prayers for our family, they have been very much felt. As soon as I get out of the hospital, we will be traveling down to be with Whitt.... so we are excited for that day. 
I will leave you with some pictures that were from yesterday, I have been told that he looks a lot smaller in person.... !!!!
Thank you in advance for your prayers. 
Corey, Andy and Baby Whitt


Sunday Update

Today was a long day for Corey.  She was supposed to get out of the hospital, but turns out she had to stay, and they ran tests on her all day.  Her blood pressure was not going down, so they checked her kidneys, heart and the medicine she was on.

All the tests were okay for the most part, and her blood pressure went down some today, which is great, but they still want her to stay in the hospital to make sure her blood pressure is down before she leaves.  

Andy, Taylor and I went to see Whittaker in Houston today, and he couldn't be in a better place.  They have taken him off of sedatives (the hospital here had him on them the whole time), and he has so much life.  He was yawning and squirming and looked just adorable.  We have tons of pictures, and will hopefully upload tomorrow.

We are mostly focused on Corey at this point, because Whittaker is in such good hands.  Please keep her and baby in your prayers, and I will let you know any update on corey tomorrow.

whit and tay


Safe Arrival!

Whittaker has arrived safely to the Houston Children's Hospital today! Andy was able to follow Whitt and be with him this afternoon. He said its absolutely amazing! The nurses there made a little sign for Whittaker's bed that is precious.We are still hoping that Corey will be released from Beaumont tomorrow so that her and Andy can join Whitt in Houston. 
We will keep you posted! 

Love. Tay and Whit. 

Moving to Houston

This morning Dr. B let us know that although Whitt is doing okay as of now, he would feel better if they moved him to Children's Hospital in Houston.  They are coming to get him within the hour, and Dr. B assures us he will be in great hands there.  As of now, they have given him plasma and blood as well as medicine to strengthen his lungs.  The next 48 hours are very crucial, as they will do the brain scan Sunday or Monday morning to see if he his brain is bleeding.  Please pray for a safe transfer to Houston, and over these next couple of days.  

Corey is doing great.  She is getting out of the hospital tomorrow, and will go to Houston to be with baby.  She and Andy got to touch him, and be with him again today, and it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen.  Her and andy are being so strong, and trusting in god to take care of everything.  

I will write again with updates later today or tomorrow. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the prayers.   Please keep them coming.  

whit and tay


little whitt.

Guest Bloggers:  Taylor and Whitney 

Whittaker Overstreet Update

"Stable. 37%."  This is what Dr. B (corey calls him the arabian knight - and he only whispers) said last time he walked out of the NICU.  37%? what does that mean you may ask?  Believe, me, we were wondering the same thing.  Well, it means that the oxygen he is getting from the ventilator is down to 37%.  Which is a step in the right direction because he started off at 65%.  We are headed in the right direction, but still anticipating his growth and better health.  Please keep him and Corey in your prayers.

I must say, the little guy is absolutely adorable.  Just a weeeeee little thing.. Here is the promised pic!  This is the only one we have because we are not allowed in the NICU (taylor and whitney).  They actually shut the blinds on Taylor when she took this.  

We are sitting here next to Corey, and she is getting so much better as the minutes go by.  She is looking great.  Ready for a shower. No more cords. And ready to go see Baby Whitt in the NICU for the first time (except for the 2 seconds she saw him after the c-section)!  This is a big day.  

Corey and Andy want to thank all of your for the flowers, phone calls and prayers.  They are so thankful to have you all.  

We will keep you posted.  As of now, Corey will get out of the hospital in about 4 days, and baby Whitt will be here for about 4 to 5 weeks.  

Tay and Whit 



Whittaker Overstreet Wetherell

Hello from Beaumont Tx! This is Corey's friend Christine reporting on behalf of the Wetherell family of 3! Here is the short story (I will let Corey tell more details later). Corey was admitted to the hospital on Monday by her Dr for having preeclampsia (high blood pressure) at 29 weeks and was told to get comfortable because she was not going anywhere for a while. Well after several rounds of steroids to help Whitt's lungs, the Dr. saw it fit (because of how high Corey's blood pressure was) to preform a c-section this morning and Whitt made his arrival at 12:02!

Whittaker Overstreet Wetherell
12:02 pm
15 1/2" Long
3Lbs 3Oz

Please be praying for healing and a quick recovery for Corey. For Whitt's lungs to develop quickly and strongly. And for Andy as he is making decisions for his family and taking care of his new son and wife. And for all the dr's and nurses that come in contact with Whitt and Corey in the coming weeks. Thank you all very much. Corey and Andy are grateful for you!

PS. Andy has just promised to try and post pictures as soon as he can and Corey just told me she wants a LARGE coke and a snowcone! I think the pain meds are working!
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