Whittaker Overstreet Wetherell

Hello from Beaumont Tx! This is Corey's friend Christine reporting on behalf of the Wetherell family of 3! Here is the short story (I will let Corey tell more details later). Corey was admitted to the hospital on Monday by her Dr for having preeclampsia (high blood pressure) at 29 weeks and was told to get comfortable because she was not going anywhere for a while. Well after several rounds of steroids to help Whitt's lungs, the Dr. saw it fit (because of how high Corey's blood pressure was) to preform a c-section this morning and Whitt made his arrival at 12:02!

Whittaker Overstreet Wetherell
12:02 pm
15 1/2" Long
3Lbs 3Oz

Please be praying for healing and a quick recovery for Corey. For Whitt's lungs to develop quickly and strongly. And for Andy as he is making decisions for his family and taking care of his new son and wife. And for all the dr's and nurses that come in contact with Whitt and Corey in the coming weeks. Thank you all very much. Corey and Andy are grateful for you!

PS. Andy has just promised to try and post pictures as soon as he can and Corey just told me she wants a LARGE coke and a snowcone! I think the pain meds are working!


Grimes Life said...

We have thought about y'all ALL day long and praying for you 3 over and over again! What a miracle Whit is already! We can't wait to see y'all and congratuate you in person! We are SO VERY happy for you!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

Jordan Pudlo said...

Hurry up with the pictures! Hurry for more Wetherells! Love to you all!!! Can't wait to meet Whitt!!!

Amy said...

Corey, How I wish we were in Texas visiting with you and Andy and admiring your precious new son! We will continue to pray for your recovery and Whitt's health!! Can't wait to see pictures!

Rach said...

Yea!!!!!!!!! Welcome Baby Whitt! I'm so glad you made it here safely! We are praying for the Wetherells, family of 3! :) Love you all!

Kim Soto said...

yay Corey and Whitt! We are so happy for you and pray that you and Whittaker continue to get better and better. Wish I was in Bmt so I could see you! Hello to Andy too!

Kim & Bobby

Caroline said...

oh corey i was away and just now catching up on your blog! I am so praising God that you two are ok! That you are ok! and praying that Whitt's lungs will grow strong! YOUR A MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN"T BELIEVE IT! so now i am crying! congrats congrats!

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