This is what we did while Ike took care of Business...

Hurricane Ike has come and gone, thank goodness, our Electricity went out about 4 a.m., i heard a "freight train" which growing up I wa
s always told
So this is where we slept
We were without electricity for a few d
ays during Ike, a friend of ours had a generator so we bunked up there for a little while but now we are in Houston at Andy parents
because they have electricity . We had a hoot with
 our friends during the storm, though we felt bad for having fun at such a devastating time. Here are a few 
things that we did...

We went and helped a friend of our look at their house in Lake Charles, we went with hopes to help but there was nothing to clean up. Here is a glimpses of what we saw.
BYE BYE IKE, we are glad you are GONE!


Please Ike take a Hike!

We are bunking down here in Jasper. We are not traveling back to Houston this weekend since Mr. Ike is liking that path as of right now. But we are praying that our house has enough muscle to take the storm... even though when it just rains the streets around our house floods.
(Janelle you have been able to be witness to that)!!!
We have supplies, water, food... and we are ready. 
Walmart was EMPTY... yes correct, they are running low on food. 
Gas Stations, cannot even explain. 20 car long people. 

But we are grateful...grateful for the rain, wind and grateful for A God that is bigger than us. 

See you Post- Ike. 

Here is a pic of the gas station.... sorry its an iPhone pic so therefor it is pitiful.  
Also please keep one of my work associates in your prayers, she had to post-pone her wedding this weekend because of the Hurricane.


Just call me Betty... Betty Crocker that is.

This weekend a friend of mine (Christine Mangrum) and I baked a cake for a friend of ours (Jennifer Brunson) daughter's (Elie) third birthday party. Sorry for all the names, just wanted to get it all out there.  The cake was to be in shape and style of the swim suit Elie was wearing to her birthday party. Here are some pictures of the cake, Elie, Christine and I, maybe one of Marin (my neice) and all the other Birthday fun. 
Oh, yeah and if you need a cake. Let us know.

Below: The Birthday Girl and her Cake!
The Bakers of Cake: Me on left , Christine on Right
Marin, my sweet niece at the Birthday Bash!
Andy, my sweet husband about to go and scare Marin... sorry sweet child, he is a little scary!!
Well that's all I have today Folks, if you want a cake, call us, email, blog us...
 I'm off to check up on Hurricane Ike. 



Can I just say that Palin rocks my sweet little world. 
 According to the Drudge Report, her TelePrompter malfunctioned halfway through her speech, she is every woman. And her kids names are Amazing!!!!


Michelle you were so right about the most Popular names of 2009, 
maybe when I have a babe one day, I will use one. 



Ok.... I decided the reason that I have not blogged is Africa. I feel like it needs to be my next post but I don't have words for this experience. I don't know if I have quiet processed it all, so I don't have the words to explain it. What I can tell you is that the people there are amazing, and that God is definately there and working like crazy. 
 I am just going to show you some of the pictures 
I have so you can see the faces of these people. 
Amazing People with Amazing hearts. 
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