All about Whitt.

Oh Whittaker, you are as busy as they come...but that is you and I love it. You are getting so big and it just tears me to pieces. You are in a phase right now were you love everything and you speak your love too, no matter what it is you tell it how you feel (today it was a crane, like a construction crane). You are talking more and more everyday, your vocabulary blossomed this month and it has been a complete joy hearing all that you come up with. Every night you have me tuck you into a baby burrito and it is my absolute favorite part of the day because I love to hear you say it. You have enjoyed cooking lately... you are constantly wanting to sit on the counter by me. You think that your Monk (his stuffed animal monkey) is somewhat human... you try to feed it, give it drinks, baths, etc. It is a little weird but I kind of like seeing you being a little nurturing since you are so wild. You still are very boyish... and love all things trucks, cars, construction, dirt, jumping, wrestling. You are still a very picky eater and I have to trick you into getting food in your body, lately dad has been paying you money to actually eat. What can I say it worked once or twice. You love salad, chicken lay (chick.fil.a) and coke (sparkling water). You also like to play with money, carry it around it your pocket, etc. I think it is because you always see that your dad has it in his. You call your earphones just phones and It melts my heart for some odd reason. You are sill obsessed with airplanes and helicopters and I love how your face lights up when you see them. You are going tall , which makes you even skinnier looking that you are. You show me your muscles all the time and they are quiet big. Everytime you don't want to listen to me or ignore me all together, you close your eyes and start snooring, you are full of all kinds of personality with a touch of attitude You are a catch that I am never letting go of.

Airplane fun @ Houston Intercontinental.


Rise and Fall.

It been a different week for the Wetherell's. We have spent our first week here at our home in Houston. On Sunday we don't have to pack a bag to go somewhere for the week for work, we just get to be. It's been kind of surreal, I feel like someone is going to snap their fingers at any moment and I am going to wake up. I have been able to hang out with other moms and make plans. Andy has been working his little training tale off at the new company he works for (hint hint: the name of it is my favorite pattern). I sometimes feel guilty for having fun, but I am soaking it up while it lasts-until I find that J-O-B. God has shown us over and over again that he has orchestrated this for us, so we are beyond excited.

These last weeks have been different in other ways also, I have been able to rejoice and be devastated at the same time.

I found out this week that I have three friends that are pregnant and they are all having little boys. Two other friends found out they are having little girls. Which is so exciting but yet I feel a little jealous that it isn't me. Is that bad that it makes me a little sad for myself?
Then I have a friend who lost her first baby at 9 months in-utero. I cannot imagine her pain. I am in pain for her. The littles funeral was this week.
I have a friend who got engaged and is marrying the love of her life. I am proud of my friend. She has gone through some pretty crazy things and life and I am so excited that she is happy and doing good. Like really really proud of her.
I have another friend who was hoping to get placed with a little boy through CPS and they didn't get him. My heart breaks for her because I know she longs for this.
Then this past weekend we had our first Bayou City Core night. Where people could join our church and become a part of our family in Jesus' name. It was big guys. Our church is growing and it is a reminder that God is Good. Like really good. It was a turn in the book that God is writing for our church.

SO these weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster. You know when you are waiting in line and the anticipation of the new, not exactly knowing what is coming around every corner. And then you are finally on that roller coaster and you are screaming with excitement but are secretly scared. Up and down and up and down until it comes to a screeching halt.
That has been what's been going on. Its been good but hard. Crying tears of excitement and sadness all in one breath. It's been real. God is real and he has proved himself of that through every RISE and FALL. You see HIM in every RISE and FALL and that is Good.

Pray for my friends as they rejoice about new life and mourn for life that they thought would be apart of theirs. Pray for our church as we add pages to our book. Pray for us as we embark on all things new for the Wetherell's.

Below an unloading of pictures of a BIG Rise in my everyday life....

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. (James 1:2, 3 NIV)
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