Dear God, 

Please make the "ladies" stop growing. I am pleading with you here. 



Week 15


Dear Jalapeno Chips
            I am sorry to have to say this, but you have to be put away until after Baby W comes. Oh how I love that fiery, slow burning taste you have.... but that taste make me feel as if I have a rushing fire blazing through my chest and I just can't take it anymore. Last night was our last hooray until August, it was great but now it is over.  SO.... as I walk past you in the store or at Subway, just dwell on August and the fact that we will once meet again!!!



Nutter Butter

The morning sickness has subsided, thank you Jesus, and I am feeling back to normal. If I never throw up again in my life- life is good!!!! I just entered my 13th week, so from what I have read Baby W could be sucking on her/his thumb right now. My little sister, Taylor sucked her thumb until she was about 20, not literally but it felt like forever...I hope baby W doesn't follow in her footsteps. Baby W is now the size of a
 Nutter Butter,
 so small but full of so much life. What a miracle. 
 Also I am sorry about calling him or her Baby W, we haven't decided if we are going to reveal the name or not. But I will let you that I am calling her/him baby W, 
because the first name does start with a W. 
So for my friends who already know the name that I am speaking of, shhh!!!! 
It is now a secret. 

Well I am off to have a little lunch, I love being able to eat again!!!!
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