Wishing I was.....

Wishing I was OUTSIDE, in Austin, on the lake..... on this beautiful day.


Missing Andy more than words can express...

I am missing my sweet husband more than I could have ever imagined. This is the first time that he or I have been away from each other with no communication what so ever. My sweet friend Melissa has posted a little about the trip on her blog, so I don't what to repeat what she has wrote but visit her blog, www.joshuamurrell.blogspot.com
But please say a prayer for Andy and his team, and while you are praying for them go ahead and give a little shout out for me, I have been really emotional since Andy has been gone...
Here is the picture of the team before they left!


AMY SAVAGE... this is for you!

I am posting this picture with the hopes and dreams that you will post something about yourself. I am so excited to see Daniel Friday morning bright and early at 2:30 am, but so sad that you won't be there with him.
I miss you like a cupcake with cream cheese icing


Yeah for old friends

God has a special way of opening a door right when you need it. An old friend found me and we have gotten to chat over the computer. It is really just refreshing how God will place a friend back in your life right when you need, in perfect timing. So even though my old but new friend will probably never read this...Thank you. You came when I needed a friend the most....even though you didnt know that. Thank you!
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