Happy Birthday BFF!!!!

Last week was my friend 
Jordan's Birthday
we celebrated belated style with 
Dinner and Bingo... who could ask for more.
 To my friend J, you get more beautiful and wiser with each year. 
You are definitely the Ultimate BFF. 


Andy & his pal.... AKA, our Dog Augustus.

Andy loves to take a break during the day and this is their routine. Gus loves to play outside, he is so fast and jumps SO high. He is such a great dog!!! 
Boys just wanna have fun!


Birthday Celebration (a few weeks late)

A few weeks ago was Andy's Birthday, he turned 28 ( can we say OLD MAN), we were in Dallas for a Sudan meeting so we celebrated his birth with some 
friends there on the actual day of birth. 
Then the next day we had celebration #2, The Durhams had a BBQ for Andy and made steaks and corn, it was AMAZING! 
My camera Battery died so I only captured a few random candids.



I would like to thank my sweet friend ASHLEY for my new header. She is so creative and did a killer job. Thanks for being so sweet Ash!!!!



This weekend a few of my girlfriends headed to the Woodland to rock and roll like there was no tomorrow. We saw Riahanna, Kanye West, N.E.R.D.S and Lupe Fiasco
Being how I love music I felt in my element, that is until Kanye West came on and I knew only one song. Riahanna rocked the stage, 
the other I could have left behind but it was a fun night!!!

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