Birthday Celebration (a few weeks late)

A few weeks ago was Andy's Birthday, he turned 28 ( can we say OLD MAN), we were in Dallas for a Sudan meeting so we celebrated his birth with some 
friends there on the actual day of birth. 
Then the next day we had celebration #2, The Durhams had a BBQ for Andy and made steaks and corn, it was AMAZING! 
My camera Battery died so I only captured a few random candids.


Janelle & Ella said...

Happy Birthday to Andy again! It was a really fun party!

Kim Soto said...

yeah thanks for the lovely pic of me and kristy. :) Hey-email me the other pics from kristy's when you get a chance. thanks!

Caroline said...


happy birthday andy!!!!

Grimes Life said...

COREY.....WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING WITH THAT PICTURE? You must remove asap! I think that was during my photo shoot with Jon, so glad I smiled pretty!

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