My Other Half

I just wanted to fill ya'll in on what my hubbie has been up to 
while I get fatter by the day. 
He has just been doing what boys do, 
along with helping me out
 ALOT around the house. 
He has been such a help! 
Andy is really embracing this weather and spending alot of time outdoors, playing golf...
we live on a course and he is really soaking that up!!!!
 He has also been on a few fishing trips in Louisiana and 
recently joined a indoor soccer league. 
Which he has been blowing it up. 
Point after Point. 
They have only had one loss, so it hasn't been to bad!!!!
Besides that he is BESIDE HIMSELF that we are having a boy.... He already want to go and purchase Tot sized golf clubs. 
He has been so cute!!!


IT'S A.......

Here are some Sono pics, to show off our
 small fry....
Picture on the top:Here is a side profile of his face and belly... 
he is holding his hand above his eyes. 
Picture under that one: 
He is facing us...head on. 
The picture above: Ladies and Gentlemen those are his man parts....
 is it bad that I am putting them on here? 
Poor little thing, I am exposing him to all.

Andy and I are so excited to welcome Baby W, we cant wait for the day that he is actually going to be here in our arms. As much as I "love" to be fat, we cant wait for his arrival day. 


{Boy or Girl]



{Failing in my attempt to satisfy}

So to go along with the post below on how I am 
{dying for a snow cone}. 
I tried to attempt to fill that craving and it failed. Oh, did it fail. 
So here it is, we (my sister, Andy and I) went to try out this new little yogurt stand in town, it is cute... you serve your own yogurt and then they have a toppings bar and you serve yourself to that also. It is clever. Well in going over the menu, I see that they have shaved ice -
 AMEN, I thought to my self, a pregnant woman's dream come true.
SO... I get the ice, it is great, i nibble on it plain... 
Then I notice that they don't have any syrup for the snow cone. 
My dream crashed. Well in attempts to try to savor the ice, 
I added in nerds and gummy bears, 
due to the fact they also didn't have any cokes, NONE, ZIP, SILTCH...
So this is why I am STILL in need, in need of a REAL snow cone. 
If you see a stand, eat one in honor of me, PLEASE.


This is what I dream of....

The summer cannot get here fast enough. 
Wedding Cake with cream is crying out to me... 
and I am calling back to it. 
Open Snow cone stand open!!!!



I am 17 weeks pregs today! 
I went to the doc yesterday and everything is looking good!!! I have gained 2 lbs, even though I feel like I have gained 30. But I do have a small little baby bump.  I head back to the doctor in two weeks to find out the gender of the baby, yeah!!!!! 
The general census from Andy and my family, is that they all think it is a boy. 

What do you think?!?!?!
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