My Other Half

I just wanted to fill ya'll in on what my hubbie has been up to 
while I get fatter by the day. 
He has just been doing what boys do, 
along with helping me out
 ALOT around the house. 
He has been such a help! 
Andy is really embracing this weather and spending alot of time outdoors, playing golf...
we live on a course and he is really soaking that up!!!!
 He has also been on a few fishing trips in Louisiana and 
recently joined a indoor soccer league. 
Which he has been blowing it up. 
Point after Point. 
They have only had one loss, so it hasn't been to bad!!!!
Besides that he is BESIDE HIMSELF that we are having a boy.... He already want to go and purchase Tot sized golf clubs. 
He has been so cute!!!


Deborah said...

how fun! YEA for Andy! Sounds like he is enjoying life...to the fullest! I can't wait to see you...whenever that may be! I guess next week for Mom Prom!

leslieandjacob said...

Just wait until he has a little buddy to take with him! I am SO SO SO excited for you to have a boy! There is nothing like a boy's love for his Mommy! Can't wait to see ya'll next week! oh and Jake is going to be so jealous that Andie has gotten out on the golf course so much!

Becca said...

Congrats on your baby boy! I have already been so tickled with my boys...they come out acting like boys. It is hilarious!

Grimes Life said...

Andy is going to be such a great daddy! Ohhh, i LOVE you are BLUE and having a BOY!!! Cade is snuggled with me in bed now, I can't wait for yours to be HERE!!!

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