A day for the Books....

1. I am 22 weeks pregnant. Baby W is the size of a papaya. 
I went to the doctor yesterday and everything looks good to go. 
My due date is remaining the same and baby W a.k.a. Small Fry('s) heart beat is going strong.
2.UNC won the National Championship. Andy and I got home yesterday 
put on our Carolina T's and got ready for the game.
 We cheered in Texas for our North Carolina friends.
 Go Tar Heels! 
I cant wait to see baby Wyatt in his first National Championship T-shirt, Amy!!!!
 3. After the game, small fry must have been really excited for the win. He started kicking up a storm in this belly of mine. He has been kicking for a while but this was the first time I could feel it from the outside. I immediately called Andy over so he could feel it also, he was so pumped. It was so crazy to really be able to feel him. 

4. I got part of my baby bedding in the mail yesterday from Serena and Lily, it is just as cute as ever, in a manly boyish way. I cant wait to get it all together and post some pics. 
First I have to get a crib to put it all in!!!! Oh, the crib. 

Well I think that pretty much sums up yesterday, oh minus the fact that
 I was able to eat a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich in Beaumont..... 
oh the joy of life when you live in Jasper, Texas. 


Grimes Life said...

COR!!! I can't wait to see your bedding, I am positive your nursery is going to be out of control fabulous!! Have you looked for a crib yet? We need to come see y'all! Love the update, now we just need to see that BELLY! So glad you are feeling baby W kicking, LOVED that so much! Enjoy every kick!!

Jordan Pudlo said...

Hurray for spicy foods! Yummmm!
I can't wait to see the baby bedding all put together either! I can't wait to feel small fry kick! I can't wait to see you this weekend! I missed you last wknd kid. Austin is NOT the same without you!!!!!

Murrell Family said...

I love when you can feel the baby kick from the outside! It always made Peter feel a part of things! I can't wait to see you guys and see your cute pregnant self! Love you.

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