Still I will Praise you.

We have officially left for our journey to Dallas so we can embark on our much anticipated trip to the Sudan. We are so excited to see what God has prepared ahead of us, I am sure words will not be able to convey whatever it is.
Please be in Prayer for our team while we are gone....

Here they are name by name....

Andy Wetherell
Corey Wetherell

Janelle Hartsfield

Heath Hartsfield

John Durham

Jennifer Durham

Vernon Burger

Brenden Keenner

Jon Carr

I will feel no evil, for my God is with me, if my God is with me, whom than shall I fear.

Therefor God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Philippians 2:9-11


5 days and Counting...

We leave for Africa in 5 days, a group of 10 of us will get on our KLM plane and start the journey.
As this day approaches I feel as if my anxiety has tripled, anxiety in a good way and in a bad way. 
Excitement and Worry. Can you have both of them at the same time? 
Yes you can because I do. So I am writing this so I can keep myself accountable through you. I am letting God take care of the excitement, because anything he has for me is going to to be way better than I could have come up with for myself. And letting God take care of the worry, in Jesus name. He has this planned out so I am just going to trust Him. Easier said than done for me but I am going to try my hardest. 

Andy and I have alot of traveling to do so we can arrive in Dallas to get on our plane, please lift that up for us. We drive home to Houston this weekend, Drive back to Jasper on Sunday to drop off Gus (our Dog) and get a little work in, Drive 5 hours to Dallas on Monday, then get on our plane for Africa on Tuesday. 

Please pray for my anxiety... I know I talked about anxiousness above, but please bathe this in prayer. I hate that I have anxiety and I know that it is straight from the devil. I hate flying (even though I have done it all my life, its a control thing) and since we will be on a plane for 20+ hours, and then a 10 person prop plane (oh, the small planes have so much turbulence) I know that will be the perfect time for the hater to attack. 

Please pray for the people of Sudan, that the would be receptive to what God has in store for them. 
Pray for us, our team, that we would be able to follow through with what God wants us to do, in His name. Pray for our health, safety, families.... wow the list could continue. 

For immediate prayer could you please pray for my friend Janelle. Janelle and her husband Heath will be on the trip with us, Their little girl, Ella, has a stomach virus right now so please pray that not only Ella gets well but that they can be immune to this virus, so they can start this journey off healthy and in full strength. Check her blog over the next 5 days, she will be updating a new prayer request daily!

I very much believe in the power of Prayer so that is why I come to you with these requests. 
Much Love. 


Lunch in Jaspie & Pics with the new camera

Today like many days we went to this little eatery in Jasper. It is a mom and pop place that has killer homemade bread. They make this sandwich called the copy cat, and it is homemade bread with garlic butter, turkey... it is full of deliciousness.
 I just got a new camera, yah! so I wanted to take a couple shots to try it out. 
Andy and Clint being fat and skinny, after a big meal. 
Andy, John Martin and Chris Robertson, just looking so jolly!!!

Talk to you soon. We embark to Africa in 1 week....get excited!


I WISH......

This is kind of random and pointless but here I go anyway.
One of my favorite things to do is....to look through home magazines/blogs. 
In doing so I ran across these pictures. 
I love them, I want to be one with them. 
How awesome would it be to have a ranch like this... where the whole family could just be one. Girls could lay out, boys could be boys.  
Its like a dream come true for me. 
These next two picture are what I would like my secret getaway to look like....
 it just seems so peaceful. I could just read read read my heart out. 
Look at the mountains, drink a good glass of wine, listen to some tunes.
My only change would be to put a fluffy white down comforter on the bed, Heaven.  
I HEART this place. 
I mean look at that glass garage door that comes down, 
so modern looking and it allows you to see the outdoors 24/7. 
Its just so great.... 
Well that is all I have to mumble about for right now.... 


Reunion of the Blackwood Clan

A couple weeks ago we had a family reunion for my dad's side of the family. 
It was really a time focused around my grandparents, 
Blackie and Jewel,
 to give them a reminder of how special they are to us and how much we
 appreciate them. It was a great time to hang out with family and really all come together. 
Annie (my cousin), Whit (the middle sister), me, Taylor (the baby sister)
All my cousins, minus two.... the two boys...out of all the babies only two of them where boys... go figure, all my uncles played Pro football and only two boys.... 
do you think that was a disappointment or what? 
Me, my sisters and mom in a little volleyball competition, we dominated!!!


Just wanted to let you know....

We LEAVE for SUDAN in 20 DAYS!!!!

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