Here is the new House.... the Wetherell's are now in Houston.

Here are some pics of the new house.... all my stuff is not really in order because things have been so crazy over the holidays. But here is a little over view of the crib through pics that is. They have not installed the wooden blinds so please excuse the naked windows. I love the fact that we have granite countertops everywhere, it makes cleaning so easy. And it is fun having everything new after living in such an old house (but I also loved the old).We cant wait to be able to really enjoy it.... I will post a few more pics when things get a little more finished!!!!

Here is our living room!

Kitchen and Dining room....I have not found any chairs that I like and Andy broke part of the chandi with his head when he fell off the ladder.

The Master bedroom and bathroom....Which I really love... love the jacuzzi tub and the remote control fireplace... which allows me to stay toasty on these wonderful winter nights.

Entry, stairs and Laundry room. I am showing you a picture of the laundry room to point out the weird fact that we have a stove in it..... but I do have to say it will be nice to use if one of our guests wants a cup of hot tea before bed!!!

These are the guest bedrooms... which there is also a bathroom (no photo taken)....so come and occupy them and visit us in the Big town of Houston!!!!
P.S. Sorry I dont have a picture of the front of the House....I was in a huge hurry and totally forgot....But to give you a little hint.... its stucco!


On the Road Again.....

Ok.... I am sorry that I have not posted. Andy and I have been crazy busy. We found a house and Houston (by the Galleria, can you say AMAZING!!!!) and we have almost wrapped up all the paper work. So we are coming to get our stuff in Weatherford on Friday and we are heading out. But I wanted to let you know I will be posting soon, I will take pics of the new house, so everyone can see where we are going to live!
I am really excited to finally be getting all my stuff back! I have lots to tell yall but you will just have to wait until I have more time!
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