Trimming the Fat...


verb \ˈtrim\

Definition of TRIM

a : to make trim and neat especially by cutting or clipping<trim the hedges>b : to free of excess or extraneous matter by or as if by cutting <trim a budget> <trim down the inventory>c : to remove by or as if by cutting <trimmed thousands from federal payrolls — Grit>

We are trimming.

We literally trimmed the trees last week which was water to my husbands soul. As the yard man cut each branch, I could see the gleam in Andy's eye get brighter and brighter. Not really, but if you know my husband, you know he loves having a nice yard. It is like art to him.
(this little dude shares a passion for the outdoor like his dad, such a little stud)

We are also trimming our bodies. Eating better, exercising, loosing weight. It has been good but it is a process and I love candy, so my process just takes a little longer. Ladies, Whitt will be TWO in June and their is no excuse for baby fat any longer. Oh.my.gosh. did I just say Whitt is almost two. I am in denial.

(But he also shares a love for Candy like his mom)
We are also just cutting back on things just in general life. Today we sold our Tahoe. We don't know what we are doing from here but we know it will be less. Less money. less milage.
The Tahoe was the first car that Andy and I bought together and that little Whitty came home from the hospital in. We have traveled alot of places in that car but with that said, I am fine without it.
(little bits coming first ride in the Tahoe. Wasn't he so small here. @ 2 months 4lbs 150z.)

We are excited to be cutting something out of our lives, these are a starting point for us and hopefully it will lead to more trimming in areas of our lives that need cutting back or we need to be free of.

*i know this is kind of a boring post, so sorry. Just wanted to make note of what was happening in our life.


Just a little bit about Whitt

Things I dont want to forget about little dude:

- Whitt the whole way home yesterday you said, Daddy, it was so sweet. You used every single vocal note you had. It was music to my ears.

- Every time you throw a football you say, "Hut".

-You are obsessed with ice tea, you were literally crying for it the other day.

-You try to feed your monk (his monkey stuffed animal) everything that you are eating.

-You are talking non-stop

- You have a secret love for Justin Bieber, I guess. Your favorite song right behind just singing the word Jesus over and over, is "baby, baby, baby, ooohhh". You my son are a super star. Sometimes you sing "Jebaby", the combo of Jesus and baby, but little dude, that just isn't right to put Jesus and Bieber in the same song. We will just pretend you are singing baby Jesus.

- You are refusing to eat any type of breakfast I give you.

- You are still a little dancer.

- You have been playing golf everyday with dad and it is just breath taking to see you carrying your little Pottery barn golf clubs as you follow your dad.

- You like to do everything on your own from eating, getting dressed, walking up stairs to trying to buckle your self in your seat. You are Mr. Independent and you let me know when I am helping you a little to much.

- You have no fear.

- You have the sweetest little wave good-bye I have ever seen.

- You say all your c's as t's (Cup= Tup, helicopter=helitopter)

- You told me you loved me for the first time today and my heart nearly exploded.


Lolly pop Lovin'

I was feeling a little guilty that I only
showed a partial glimpse of how the
little Whitt man is-
He actually spends most of his time acting like this...
Mr. Personality just full of smiles.
(notice: the lolly pop is good for a little camera cooperation)
Whitt is enjoying this spring weather and getting to play in such a big "backyard" during the week. This is his play space Monday through
Thursday and he is absolutely soaking it up
(I say back yard because we actually live on a golf course)
He knows the lolly is about to be taken, ha!
The End... Of my post and his lolly pop fun! We are off to a crawfish boil!


I didn't even get to Enjoy my food at the Rodeo

Last weekend Andy and I packed Whitt up bright and early and headed to the rodeo. It was going to be a day for Whitt. We would see animals, eat sugar, see fun rides. We were thinking we would not only miss the crowds but Whitt is his best in the morning. Well only one of those was true- There were no crowds. Whitt was something else that day. He was a different child than this mom was used too. People I mean, he was wild. Crying. Screaming. Ultimate meltdown... I had never experienced this with Whitt but he decided he wanted to make his first ultimate meltdown in public. I don't think my face had ever been so red. I am not talking a little two minute tantrum, I am talking never ending until we got back in the car. Like I said it was the ULTIMATE. So I never thought I would go to the rodeo and not be able to enjoy some Goode Company BBQ... I mean it is so over the top good that I thought nothing could stand in the way of enjoyment...But oh was I wrong. I purchased my smokin' chicken sandwich but ended up throwing it away. I got one bite and didn't even enjoy it due to the fact that I had stage fright from the crowd that was staring at me. So below you will see some pictures of our memory filled day @ the rodeo, yes, Whitt is crying in most of them, almost all. Hope you enjoy the pictures more than I enjoyed my food. Hoping next year is different!
(On a positive note, Whitt's hair look great in the last picture. To bad he is getting it chopped today.)


We are a Mess!

The title is correct, The Wetherell's are a MESS. We have been all over the place and been so busy that my blog has taken a beating and been left in the dust with tumble weeds rolling by. I am going to do a bullet style post to adequately catch up so I can start my posts from now, forward. So first I will give you a picture of the little man who is partially to blame for my craziness and then will come the waterfall of bullet points.
*Christmas 2010 was great (yes, it has been that long since I last posted). Whitt enjoyed it a little more this year, still not quite sure about it though.
*Whitt had his first Christmas party with some of his friends in Dallas.
* I had 2 sweet friends that were able to each celebrate the "official"adoptions in each of their families.
*Celebrated my dad being Cancer-free for 15 years as he lives victoriously with the King!
* Whitt was sick with an ear infection/cough/never ending snot
*Whitt and I headed to New Orleans for what was suppose to be a week there,
but my grandmother in Austin got sick so that turned into a
14 hour round trip to spend one day there. Whittaker was a champ!
(Whitt is the city of Jazz with my grandparents, his great grandparents)
* My sweet grandmother (my dad's mom), Jewel,went home to see her Savior face to face.
It was a week in Austin, to be with my sweet grandmother as she rested and a great time to be with family as we celebrated her and our Big God.
(Jewel and Whittaker, Thanksgiving 2010)
(My grandmother and her pride and joys, her family- my dad is in the center)
* I got the flu....
*I went to an intimate issue conference with some sweet friends in our Sunday school class...it was a powerful conference and I walked away blessed!
* We had a weekend of parties in the woodlands full of sports and
fun with much missed friends, that I don't get to see near enough.
* We went to Dallas to attend DBU's baseball banquet and had fun with some of my girlfriends and their families!
* I have been on a diet of things in which I have been preparing Andy and my meals every Sunday for the week. It is time consuming but have seen results so I am excited about that.
* We are still moving groovin' with our adoption stuff, we have hit a few snags but God has pushed us over those humps slowly but surely. Now we only have a few things left.
*Speaking of Adoption, we decide on a date for the ADOPTION GARAGE SALE, it will be on MAY 20th and 21st, we had to push it back because of our busy schedules but I am so glad that it will be warm. We are still collecting stuff, so anything that you would like to get rid of let me know and I can come and pick it up! Spring cleaning is here!
* My baby sister Taylor had her first wedding shower and it was a huge success. It was a crawfish boil and they were delicious! Wedding will be here before we know it, May 14th, hoo!
*I, recently (like this Monday) starting working again and it has been good thus far. It had been something that Andy and I had been praying about and every door was open wide for me to do it, so here I am, working. Where's Whitt? He is with a sweet lady that has just been an answer to prayer. She has a 4 year old and him and Whitt instantly became best pals.
Well I think that sums it up for right now, the rest of my time was filled with fun with little Whitt and just soaking up how fast he is growing (he is 20 months, friends).
My first work week is halfway done and I am ready for the weekend!
I am going to the rodeo to see, you would never guess, Janet Jackson.
I was invited by some girlfriends and am so excited!
Have a great rest of the week and I will be back soon, like regularly....promise.
See you later!

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