Trimming the Fat...


verb \ˈtrim\

Definition of TRIM

a : to make trim and neat especially by cutting or clipping<trim the hedges>b : to free of excess or extraneous matter by or as if by cutting <trim a budget> <trim down the inventory>c : to remove by or as if by cutting <trimmed thousands from federal payrolls — Grit>

We are trimming.

We literally trimmed the trees last week which was water to my husbands soul. As the yard man cut each branch, I could see the gleam in Andy's eye get brighter and brighter. Not really, but if you know my husband, you know he loves having a nice yard. It is like art to him.
(this little dude shares a passion for the outdoor like his dad, such a little stud)

We are also trimming our bodies. Eating better, exercising, loosing weight. It has been good but it is a process and I love candy, so my process just takes a little longer. Ladies, Whitt will be TWO in June and their is no excuse for baby fat any longer. Oh.my.gosh. did I just say Whitt is almost two. I am in denial.

(But he also shares a love for Candy like his mom)
We are also just cutting back on things just in general life. Today we sold our Tahoe. We don't know what we are doing from here but we know it will be less. Less money. less milage.
The Tahoe was the first car that Andy and I bought together and that little Whitty came home from the hospital in. We have traveled alot of places in that car but with that said, I am fine without it.
(little bits coming first ride in the Tahoe. Wasn't he so small here. @ 2 months 4lbs 150z.)

We are excited to be cutting something out of our lives, these are a starting point for us and hopefully it will lead to more trimming in areas of our lives that need cutting back or we need to be free of.

*i know this is kind of a boring post, so sorry. Just wanted to make note of what was happening in our life.


Courtney said...

Not boring at all!! I think we all need to do some trimming from time to time! Hope your sweet little family is doing well!

Grimes Life said...

I love the update on the wetherell's!! :) And I definitely agree, we could all use this, thanks for sharing! :)
AND-as always, your stud is just getting studdier (is that a word)!! :) LOVE YALL!!

efguess said...

We have been trimming since Jan! It's liberating! Trim on...

ajnrileysmommy said...

love your thoughts on this!!

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