Just a little bit about Whitt

Things I dont want to forget about little dude:

- Whitt the whole way home yesterday you said, Daddy, it was so sweet. You used every single vocal note you had. It was music to my ears.

- Every time you throw a football you say, "Hut".

-You are obsessed with ice tea, you were literally crying for it the other day.

-You try to feed your monk (his monkey stuffed animal) everything that you are eating.

-You are talking non-stop

- You have a secret love for Justin Bieber, I guess. Your favorite song right behind just singing the word Jesus over and over, is "baby, baby, baby, ooohhh". You my son are a super star. Sometimes you sing "Jebaby", the combo of Jesus and baby, but little dude, that just isn't right to put Jesus and Bieber in the same song. We will just pretend you are singing baby Jesus.

- You are refusing to eat any type of breakfast I give you.

- You are still a little dancer.

- You have been playing golf everyday with dad and it is just breath taking to see you carrying your little Pottery barn golf clubs as you follow your dad.

- You like to do everything on your own from eating, getting dressed, walking up stairs to trying to buckle your self in your seat. You are Mr. Independent and you let me know when I am helping you a little to much.

- You have no fear.

- You have the sweetest little wave good-bye I have ever seen.

- You say all your c's as t's (Cup= Tup, helicopter=helitopter)

- You told me you loved me for the first time today and my heart nearly exploded.


Jordan Pudlo said...

I can't believe how much he is growing. I miss all your faces!!! Tell Whitt I have even more purse treasures for him!!!!!!

This was seriously such a sweet post Cor

Lindsay said...

what a fabulous moment! You will never forget it :)

Hannah Lee said...

So stinking sweet! I love it. Yall are such a sweet and wonderful family. Miss you.

Grimes Life said...

I love this post all about Whitt! Miss yall! :)

Victoria said...

Love it! So sweet!

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