I am back in Action...

I am officially back to the blogging world..... I have recently been without a computer due to the fact that mine was dropped by someone, whom I am not mentioning, ANDY. Well long story short, I could either fix it for $900 Bucks or get a new one for a couple hundred more. So we opted for the new one... so ladies and gentlemen this is what I came home with last night....
I had a white one last time, so this time I went for the black. Really I just got it because it had more memory for not alot more $$$. I am so excited to be back in the computer world. 
So there have been so many things going on.... I don't even know what to post about. Well of course Africa. Then we had some visitors up to Jasper, we have had some birthdays, etc. So I will post some pics of the last couple of weeks and then I will leave Africa to is own post. 
Picture Above.
Happy Birthday to my sis-in-law, Erica. 
She turned the big 28!!! They also just bought a new house and are Hopefully selling there old ones. So keep their family in your prayers during this time of transition
Picture Above. 
Happy Birthday Leslie! (Left). 
We had a BLAST at Bath Junkie. My skin will be forever grateful. Also my camera was on a weird setting hence the reason we look like Oompa- loompas.
Picture Above. 
Happy Birthday Kristy and Ryan. 
The day before we left for Africa (Kristy's actual day of birth), we got to have our last "real" meal with them at Cheesecake factory, yum!
Left to Right: Melissa Grimes, Reba Trapp, Kristy Erwin, Kim Calvert, Me
Pictures Below.
This past weekend, we had some friends from Dallas (Ryan, Kristy, Kim Calvert, and Kenny Trapp) come and visit us in Jasper. We had a fun filled weekend of Eating, Boating, jet skiing, eating some more, polish horseshoes sans the Frisbee, washer tournaments, etc. 
It was a great weekend. Thank you for being our third visitors, we miss y'all already!
Well my next post will be Africa, I promise. 
I am off to a fun filled weekend. 
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