Wetherell Family News!!!!

So... Here is the good news I have been waiting to share.
Our (Andy, Whitt and myself) application has been OFFICIALLY APPROVED to adopt from Ethiopia. We are beyond excited about this journey for our family. God has been working Big time in our hearts lately to trust Him, so that is what we are doing. Trusting in His path for our family, our growing family.
With that said let me answer a few questions that might come up in your mind:

Aren't you in the Foster to Adopt process?
Yes, and we will continue to be. God has not shut that door for us so we are not going to shut it either. We get our finger prints tomorrow and then we are put on the home study list. There are 5 people ahead of us. So we will continue to patiently wait. Then we will be given referrals. Then God willing we will accept one!

Why Ethiopia?
Though we have not been to Ethiopia. We have a love for Africa, Andy has been there twice. He actually lived in Ghana for a couple months. I have been there once (to the Sudan) and I honestly believe a piece of my heart is still there. Those kids just took a hold of it. They have also an est. 4.3 million orphans in Ethiopia... so we were just drawn to the combination of several different factors that lead us to the decision of ETHIOPIA.

How long will it take?
Foster to adopt- that is a good question? Every circumstance is different. I have had some friends wait a while, while others have not.
So again all we can do is trust and wait in perfect timing.
Ethiopia- From what I have been told, 12 to 24 months. I have also been told by several of the agencies that I have spoken with, that Ethiopia has recently cut back on the amount of paper work they process by 90%, so they are not exactly sure on how it pan out. They honestly don't know how much paper work they were doing in the first place, so it is hard to judge.

Yes, this will be a little more pricey than the Foster to adopt process actually a lot more pricey. But we are trusting. And we will not be anxious.
Trusting and praying in Matthew 6:34
" Therefore Do not be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself."


Which speaking of Cost's- that leads me to our
Friends, we were blessed. God POURED complete favor on us that day in holding off the rain that we desperately needed, supplying us with friends to help, and shoppers to shop. We did not have one bump in the road. Because of the garage sale and how gracious are friends and family were that weekend, we have been able to pay for our application fee, 1st installment to the adoption agency (which we will mail TODAY) and most of our home study fee.
We are Thankful!!!!!

In writing this Friends, I am asking for your prayer. We need it. Coming from a person who likes to be in control, I need it. I am not in control in this situation, as any really. But I am officially throwing the reigns- so I need your prayer. Do you see me slightly begging for it.

Since I am asking for prayer- please go and read this blog and pray for our friends... they recently arrived home with their two babies from Ethiopia (please go and read their story- you will cry, cheer and me amazed by the power of God. Start from the beginning- Trust me) They are still needing your prayer in Big ways.

Well we are beyond excited and can't wait for God to show us a little piece of the puzzle for our lives. Thank you for your prayers in advance, they are much appreciated.

I am screaming with Excitement!!!!




Wetherell Sneak Peek- Where my head lays

So, this is my "master" bedroom, it is small. We live in an older house
and that is what comes in older houses. But we love it, it is cozy. I would take a larger bathroom though, if it was offered. Our's is tiny.
Not even worth a picture.
It is smaller than the bathroom we had when we went to Africa.
It does have hot water though unlike the bathroom in Africa and for
that I am grateful. So below will be the pictures of where
we lay our head each night (when we are in the H). The bed is not perfect
and I am sorry for that but that is life, not perfect. With the quilt hanging
longer than the duvet. Can you see my OCD kicking in? ha!
Whitt was jumping on the bed seconds before I snapped these.
I will also try to fill you in on some info about my house,
like where I bought things, if I made them etc.
I will slowly add them to the posts that I have already written.
I was asked, so I will give.
Here is the spread.

*added the white picture back between pics, it had fallen off. Opps.

Ok. Here is the wrap:
* bench at the end of the bed was made by me and the hubs.
*White Duvet from Target
*Green Quilt from Pottery Barn
Yellow Duvet from High Fashion Home
*Pillows on bed from Anthropolgie
*Lamps from HomeGoods
*Intitials on lamps made by Fast Signs
*Side Tables from Nadau
*TV stand from El Paso Imports
*Headboard made by the hubs and I

{ remember these are just pics I took, so I am not a professional there for they don't look professional.}

I am going to take a small break from the Wetherell Sneak Peek Home Tour because painting starts this week on our kitchen, guest bath, etc. So I will wait to give you a before and after on those next week.

Thanks you also friends for spread of the garage sale, even if we don't make one penny on Saturday, we have already been blessed more than we could even imagine!



Sneak and Adopt

SO...the Wetherell sneak peek is boring me but I will press on. We will move onto our guest room! Which will soon be used everyday because a sweet friend will be moving in and we are super excited for her to be apart of our home
for a little while (more on that later).
So here we go....

Dont forget what is this weekend

Please pass it on.... Blog about it, tweet about it, talk about it....

Also we have 2 very fun things happening in the Wetherell Family. We submitted one of them today, so hopefully I will be able to spill the beans in about 10 to 12 days. HOPEFULLY. The other thing I can talk about it but I need to find the word to express how excited we are about it, so it will soon come. Pray for us that in these things we would glorify God FULLY.
Can't wait. See yall tomorrow, let's do Master Bedroom.


Wetherell Sneak peek- Don't remember the day

So.... the wedding is over, my little sister in now officially Mr. Blake Ryan Cervenka. The wedding was awesome and my sister could have not been more stunning. SO... Wetherell Sneak Peek, sorry I left yall hanging- the wedding just got crazy and then blogger was down so I decided it wasn't meant to be. But I am back to show you the ends and outs of my little studs room. It is were he lays his head and now can officially crawl out of his crib. He started this weekend of all weekends (my poor babysitters) and there is no stopping him people. He is getting so big. So we are going to try the big boy twin bed now...
Ok. On to the pictures......

Well we are heading Home to Houston and we have to hit the road.... See yall tomorrow.


Wetherell Home Sneak Peek - Day 3

Day three is here and that means PLAY ROOM. I am in Austin and all things wedding are being encompassed, so we are just going to go straight pictures...ENJOY!

We have had a few changes since these pictures but who cares right. We are also getting this room painted next week. Still deciding color and can't wait to lighten it up a little bit. Yahoo!
See you tomorrow...
Lets do Whitt's room and stick with the kiddo theme.


Wetherell Sneak Peak Home Tour -Day 2

On this Tuesday of The Wetherell Home Sneak peek, we will be looking at pictures of our "formal" living room (that is not so formal) and our dining room. Again time is of essence
so I am just going to dive straight into the pictures.
I am actually going to start with out entry way because this series of post is enough torture, I wont go to the extreme of doing a post about just my entry way.
So here is the entry way
We are getting a new front door next weekend and it is "planning" on looking like this but not red and of course with our address on it. I am super excited about this.
(picture from Country Living)
Below is what is hanging in our entry way. I had seen it (among many other things in my house) on a blog and the Hubs and I re-created it with a twist of course.
(I do not re-call which blog I got it on).
View from the entry to the dining
I got this table in Roundtop this season and love it, it is so rustic and heavy. Whitt can climb on it, etc. and it will not be shaken.
From dining to Entry
This is a special little deer, my dad shot this over 15 years ago. It is still in great condition. Just like the silhouette, i love having little reminders on my dad around the house. Plus Whitt might think that the deer is his pet, he loves to pat it.
The table below is the table my parents got when they were married long ago, it has been redone a couple times but I am very happy that it now lives in my dining room.
The sliding door between our kitchen and our dining room.
Old door + barn door hardware= bliss to me.

Up close. The handy hubs put this up for me!

Well that will conclude today. Thanks for touring my formal and dining room.
Come over and have a meal.
We love guest.
And entertaining.

Tomorrow we will do Playroom!
(even though it is getting re-painted next weekend, oh well)

we have some fun things going on with the Wetherell's, I am hoping to be able to talk about them in the next couple of weeks but if you think about it please lift us up in prayer.


Home Tour

I have had several request to show the rooms of my house. I figured this would be the perfect week since it is full of festivities for my littlest sister's wedding and the post won't have to be thought filled since they will mostly be pictures So today we will start with the:
(also these are just little snapshots that I took, you will be able to see that they are not professional at all and we live in our house, it might be messy. You might see a sock on the floor but that is life so that's what you might see.)

(the silhouette is of my dad when he was a small boy, It is so special to me)
(the books above were by grandmother's- I just love all the colors in them. )

Again like I said these are just snapshots, you cannot really tell that my walls have color (grayish-green color).
So that's my living room.
Tomorrow will be "formal" living and dining.


2 Weeks from Today...


Silhouttes @ Nest and Cot

All Houston peeps....

Just wanted to pass this along b/c I love silhouttes, I have one of my dad when he was little and it is something that i treasure. Just to look at it and think of him as a small boy is just fun for me.

(*i have no connection with Nest and Cot, I am just spreading the word)


Mark your calendars, Nest & Cot is hosting an event!

Silhouette Artist, Erik Johnson will be here May 24th to create unique 5 x 7 silhouette portraits for $25 each. Erik is a third generations silhouette artist, learning this craft from his father. With Eriks unique talent, he hand cuts each silhouette free hand by just looking at a persons profile.

May 24th

10:00am 4:00pm

5 x 7 Silhouettes are $25.00.

Duplicates of the same person are $15.00.

Framing options available.



Each silhouette only takes 5 minutes so we have many time slots still available to make appointments for.

Please call or email us to make your appointment today!

Nest & Cot

2402-B Rice Blvd.

Houston, TX 77005

p 713.429.5246

I just got an email from them and thought yall might like to take advantage of the deal!



Whitt's Obsessions

My little man is obsessed with sports. We are either talking about "shoot" (aka Basketball), "almost" (aka baseball) or just golf... this little man wants to be outside at all times playing one of his many sports. He has been practicing his sports daily and is very serious about them. He recently got his first real golf club, he has broken all plastic ones... they just aren't study enough for this little muscle man. It is metal and it is scary to e around a 2 year old with a metal stick. Whitt is also left handed like me, which make things kind of fun in sports, so I've been told. I am glad he inherited my left handed-ness but hopefully he will be better at sports than me, I seriously think I define the word awful when it comes to sports. I did play on the volleyball B-team when i was in 7Th grade but that was about the extent of sports. Oh, wait.... I played kickball also when I was a small tot and tennis and swim team but I can honestly and humbly say I was terrible at all of them.
Well here are a few pics of my little sports fanatic.

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