Wetherell Sneak Peek- Where my head lays

So, this is my "master" bedroom, it is small. We live in an older house
and that is what comes in older houses. But we love it, it is cozy. I would take a larger bathroom though, if it was offered. Our's is tiny.
Not even worth a picture.
It is smaller than the bathroom we had when we went to Africa.
It does have hot water though unlike the bathroom in Africa and for
that I am grateful. So below will be the pictures of where
we lay our head each night (when we are in the H). The bed is not perfect
and I am sorry for that but that is life, not perfect. With the quilt hanging
longer than the duvet. Can you see my OCD kicking in? ha!
Whitt was jumping on the bed seconds before I snapped these.
I will also try to fill you in on some info about my house,
like where I bought things, if I made them etc.
I will slowly add them to the posts that I have already written.
I was asked, so I will give.
Here is the spread.

*added the white picture back between pics, it had fallen off. Opps.

Ok. Here is the wrap:
* bench at the end of the bed was made by me and the hubs.
*White Duvet from Target
*Green Quilt from Pottery Barn
Yellow Duvet from High Fashion Home
*Pillows on bed from Anthropolgie
*Lamps from HomeGoods
*Intitials on lamps made by Fast Signs
*Side Tables from Nadau
*TV stand from El Paso Imports
*Headboard made by the hubs and I

{ remember these are just pics I took, so I am not a professional there for they don't look professional.}

I am going to take a small break from the Wetherell Sneak Peek Home Tour because painting starts this week on our kitchen, guest bath, etc. So I will wait to give you a before and after on those next week.

Thanks you also friends for spread of the garage sale, even if we don't make one penny on Saturday, we have already been blessed more than we could even imagine!



Dan and Janae said...

A) we have had that bedspread for years-i wanted the anthro one but got the knock off at target-and wash it machine site all the time B) we love nicole at nadeu--have shopped there for years too!! we love the pieces we find there--we have a piece of nadeu in every room but daniels ;)....love your home

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