Our last Sunday lunch with the Savages..... tears pouring out as we speak!

This was our last Sunday lunch with the Savages. Andy and I have had the privilege of being blessed with such wonderful friends. Daniel and Amy leave on June 2nd for North Carolina....as we are so sad that two of our favorite people are moving across the United States, we are also so excited for this new journey in their life. I am so greatful for the amazing memories we have been able to share and I cannot wait to add memories to that collection in the future. We truely love the both of you.
We also love you Laurin and Tony..... our other wonderful friends in the picture!



Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been busy slaving away at the new job.... Last week was my first week back to work. And I love it..... I am a Land Man..... even though I am a woman I am still considered a LAND MAN.
Sorry I promise I will write soon....



Happy Birthday to my little sister Taylor, also known as Master. She turned 20 today, her birthday is on Cinco De Mayo....how awesome is that.....she is my little senorita!
So Tay... on this day I want to tell you happy birthday and that Iove you with all my heart. I cannot believe that you are already twenty. I remember the day that you were born...you were so fat and amazing.
I love you sweet sister

Goin' to the chapel and were gonna get Married....

This past weekend we loaded up the truck.... The Wetherell's, The Erwin's and The Soto's headed to who knows where. We were going to a wedding in the middle of Timbucktoo. It was a fun journey as we cruised the highway..... here are a couple pics from the car trip.... it was like CLUB Dodge in the truck...Holla! I mean a trip is not a trip unless you have some tunes and a little car dancing! Shout out to Jordan who I know love to dance more than anything!


Bunko rocks my WORLD!

Once a month a group of girls from my church get together and play the ultimate game of Bunko... It is a fierce game full of competiton. Dice rolling everywhere, hands flying in the air..... How many 6's can I get in a row!!!! This month it was at Janelle's cute home....she made us Taco Salad and MexTex Cheesecake, it was absolutly amazing! Here are some of the girls.... we are missing two of our team players in the picture..... Julie Robles and Rebecca Shelton. Shout out to them as they are healing their throats and feet. (Rebecca, no more Gardening...Please!)
Ella Hartsfield was the special guest of the night so I had to include her in one of the pics!

Oh How I Love Museums....in Lubbock

Well since I am jobless right now, did I mention that I love being jobless... I decided to go and visit my youngest sister Taylor in Lubbock. So I packed up the car and headed out. On my way I noticed the new and improved windmill... I was amazing by it. I was so amazed that I would catch myself being suprised when I would hit the "wake-up" bumps on the side of the road. So during my time in Lubbock my sister informed me that Lubbock was home of the windmill and they had a whole museum about them. WINDMILL MUSEUM here I come, I didnt think twice about it. My sisters friend Amy also shared the same Windmill obsession so she joined us on this journey of a life time. People: Please buckle your seat belt before you approach these pics, they are wild and crazy!
Oh yea we also went to the Buddy Holly Museum and the Tractor Museum.... Lubbock is so cultural!

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