Say a little prayer....

A few posts ago, I posted about my cousin and how she was pregnant and that they had run some tests due to a blood disorder she (my cousin) had and in turn they found out that the baby was very sick. Well my cousin made it to 5 1/2 months but lost the baby yesterday. They induced her last night and she birthed out a little girl that didn't even way one pound.  She had no heart beat, but she (the baby) was a little fighter. She made it way longer than the doctors expected. Not only has she been a fighter but so has my cousin, she pushed through this and I am proud of her. Please keep her in your prayers, she is sad, in physical and emotional pain and is just tired. I know that she could use the prayer right now and I know that you my Blog readers will follow through. Thanks in advance!!!


Let's play a little catch up...

What we have done since I last blog
*I celebrated my 27th birthday...
*I played black light putt-putt in a white dress for my friend Deborah's Birthday... if anyone was wondering it was not see through. Praise Jesus, but I kind of stood out, I wouldn't recommend it. See me in the White Dress, it's a no no!!!
*Gus got his first Boo Boo, he got a little dog cast on his front paw. 
He has been a little limper for the past week. 
*Bought these shoes to wear to Africa July 22-... And can I say that they are the most comfy things I have ever put on my feet, even though I look like a woman of the 
wilderness, I am contemplating wearing them daily. 

*I was asked and honored to decorate my friend Amanda's office...LPM was having their new office (words cannot express how Amazing it is) Open House today so I shopped and decorating through the weekend. It was so fun to shop for someone else, 
it quenched my shopping thirst, kinda!
I will post pictures when Amanda puts some up,
 I didn't take any because Sadly Gus ate my camera. 
* My sister Taylor came to visit me, which was Amazing.
 I love when I get any guest, especially my sisters. 
*We have been BBQ-ing and swimming like crazy, we love having a pool right across the street. I has not helped with my vow to say pale, but it has been fun. 
*Andy and I are now, in this day celebrating our 2nd anniversary.
 Two years have gone by so fast. 
*We are trying to decide where to live in Houston, I have been looking at house and trying to plan our next step, with God's push of course. 
*We got to Hang out with our friends from First Irving because they are in Houston for a middle school mission trip, We miss ya'll already!!!

Well I will stop boring y'all and when I have something worth while to talk about I promise I will be back. 


We are the Traveling Circus

That's right, I feel like we haven't
 stop for one second this whole month
We have been traveling and my brain feels like the circus, CRAZY!

Well since last time I posted.... I (Corey) went to New Orleans to see my family for about 5 days. My mom was also there so it was a real Treat. My cousin Perry graduated from High school and I was glad to be there to celebrate with him,
Way to go Perry!
Andy has been a to college station a couple times to watch DBU play in the NCAA Conference Nationals or something like that. Which they ended up losing but what an accomplishment to do so good, you get to go. Way to go Patriots!
This past weekend we were finally in Houston. Yeah!!!! On Friday I went to the Woodlands and went to a girls movie night, for any one who knows what movie came out last Friday, knows what movie we saw. It was a blast minus the fact that I had a sinus infection. On Friday Andy had a bunch of family come into town and we were blessed to have his cousin and her family stay with us. They were so fun!!!! Sat. we woke up for Andy's cousin graduation went to that at 8:30 a.m. and then we went to his Graduation Party. Sat. Night we celebrated my birthday with a great dinner that I was so surprised about. 
 Andy got me and new Michael Kors purse and a David Yurman Bangle.... I was so excited. 
I also got a Sowing machine from my friend Jordan 
and I cannot wait to start sowing pillows. 
This weekend, Andy is off to Austin for a boys weekend with some of his High School/Church friends and I am of to a weekend with the sister
Also a little FYI. The reason that I don't have any pictures (which is so unlike me) is because Gus (our dog) chewed it up due to the fact that I accidentally left it sitting next to some cupcakes, yes my fancy little camera is now worth nothing. But I did sent it off to Nikon to see if they could repair it. I am keeping my fingers crossed! 

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