Let's play a little catch up...

What we have done since I last blog
*I celebrated my 27th birthday...
*I played black light putt-putt in a white dress for my friend Deborah's Birthday... if anyone was wondering it was not see through. Praise Jesus, but I kind of stood out, I wouldn't recommend it. See me in the White Dress, it's a no no!!!
*Gus got his first Boo Boo, he got a little dog cast on his front paw. 
He has been a little limper for the past week. 
*Bought these shoes to wear to Africa July 22-... And can I say that they are the most comfy things I have ever put on my feet, even though I look like a woman of the 
wilderness, I am contemplating wearing them daily. 

*I was asked and honored to decorate my friend Amanda's office...LPM was having their new office (words cannot express how Amazing it is) Open House today so I shopped and decorating through the weekend. It was so fun to shop for someone else, 
it quenched my shopping thirst, kinda!
I will post pictures when Amanda puts some up,
 I didn't take any because Sadly Gus ate my camera. 
* My sister Taylor came to visit me, which was Amazing.
 I love when I get any guest, especially my sisters. 
*We have been BBQ-ing and swimming like crazy, we love having a pool right across the street. I has not helped with my vow to say pale, but it has been fun. 
*Andy and I are now, in this day celebrating our 2nd anniversary.
 Two years have gone by so fast. 
*We are trying to decide where to live in Houston, I have been looking at house and trying to plan our next step, with God's push of course. 
*We got to Hang out with our friends from First Irving because they are in Houston for a middle school mission trip, We miss ya'll already!!!

Well I will stop boring y'all and when I have something worth while to talk about I promise I will be back. 


Rach said...

Happy Anniversary!! It was good to see you over the weekend! Can't wait to see pics of your decorating skills! You always do such a great job!! And your white dress was HOT! :)

Janelle & Ella said...

So much to say:
1. Happy Anniversary!!!!
2. Gus ATE your camera! What? Your nice, fabulous camera?
3. What brand of shoes are those for the Sudan? I was going to get some that are not closed toe but should I get some like yours?
4. I'm so jealous that you got to hang out with First Irving people and I wasn't one of them.
5. Can't wait to see Amanda's office!! Maybe I'll get to see it in person when I'm down there in 10days!

Amanda said...

Happy anniversary! And know that the office was a HUGE hit today. HUGE! Let me know if you need any help finding a house in my neighborhood. ;)

Deborah said...

I loved your white dress!!! It was fantastic! Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to see you soon...I need my fixes more often!

happy pamela said...

Cute Corey! bravo on the LPM office. . .where did you get those super cute BIG green erasers?

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