We are the Traveling Circus

That's right, I feel like we haven't
 stop for one second this whole month
We have been traveling and my brain feels like the circus, CRAZY!

Well since last time I posted.... I (Corey) went to New Orleans to see my family for about 5 days. My mom was also there so it was a real Treat. My cousin Perry graduated from High school and I was glad to be there to celebrate with him,
Way to go Perry!
Andy has been a to college station a couple times to watch DBU play in the NCAA Conference Nationals or something like that. Which they ended up losing but what an accomplishment to do so good, you get to go. Way to go Patriots!
This past weekend we were finally in Houston. Yeah!!!! On Friday I went to the Woodlands and went to a girls movie night, for any one who knows what movie came out last Friday, knows what movie we saw. It was a blast minus the fact that I had a sinus infection. On Friday Andy had a bunch of family come into town and we were blessed to have his cousin and her family stay with us. They were so fun!!!! Sat. we woke up for Andy's cousin graduation went to that at 8:30 a.m. and then we went to his Graduation Party. Sat. Night we celebrated my birthday with a great dinner that I was so surprised about. 
 Andy got me and new Michael Kors purse and a David Yurman Bangle.... I was so excited. 
I also got a Sowing machine from my friend Jordan 
and I cannot wait to start sowing pillows. 
This weekend, Andy is off to Austin for a boys weekend with some of his High School/Church friends and I am of to a weekend with the sister
Also a little FYI. The reason that I don't have any pictures (which is so unlike me) is because Gus (our dog) chewed it up due to the fact that I accidentally left it sitting next to some cupcakes, yes my fancy little camera is now worth nothing. But I did sent it off to Nikon to see if they could repair it. I am keeping my fingers crossed! 


Amanda said...

Happy belated birthday, Corey! I'm so glad you were born. Wow, I can't believe Gus ate your camera. I would have been so ticked!

Janelle & Ella said...

Happy Birhday!!! I totally thought about you all day yesterday and meant to call. Glad you had a good time. Missed you at the Sudan meeting. We talked in depth about how to pack. I'll have to update you. Yikes.

Caroline said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Murrell Family said...

I can't believe how busy you have been! Happy belated birthday, friend!

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