The babies name revealed....

Well since I have been busted by putting the name on my registries.... 
I will go ahead and reveal the name in True Blog Fashion. The meaning of the first name means "white field"- so if that means my child will have "fair skin" then Baby W let me apologize right now...I am sorry!!!! But I have many friends with fair skin and they embrace it, just like you will son. The first name of Baby W was also my Dad's oncologist's name, we spent much time with him. Baby W is not named after him but the name is just well remembered. The middle name of baby W is my dad's great great grandmothers name, 
which I just happened to like and to honor my dad, I wanted to use it...
The name is.......


I know it is a mouth-full so we are going to call him Whitt. 
Also....My sister name is Whitney, we call her Whit (with one T) so her and her little nephew will have the same nickname, which will be so special. Tay and Mom,
 I will include yall in the next name go around

We cant wait for baby Whittaker to join us this August, we are counting down the days!!!!!


24 weeks!

 I am 24 weeks preg!!!!!! 
Baby W is about the length of a foot-long Chicago hot dog and weighs about 1 1/3 pounds.
 I choose this food in Honor of Andy who just returned from Chi-town. I will have to post pictures of him and John's journey in a later post but wanted to give a little baby update. 
Mom and Baby W are doing great, we are just trucking along and waiting for August!
 Peace out!


A day for the Books....

1. I am 22 weeks pregnant. Baby W is the size of a papaya. 
I went to the doctor yesterday and everything looks good to go. 
My due date is remaining the same and baby W a.k.a. Small Fry('s) heart beat is going strong.
2.UNC won the National Championship. Andy and I got home yesterday 
put on our Carolina T's and got ready for the game.
 We cheered in Texas for our North Carolina friends.
 Go Tar Heels! 
I cant wait to see baby Wyatt in his first National Championship T-shirt, Amy!!!!
 3. After the game, small fry must have been really excited for the win. He started kicking up a storm in this belly of mine. He has been kicking for a while but this was the first time I could feel it from the outside. I immediately called Andy over so he could feel it also, he was so pumped. It was so crazy to really be able to feel him. 

4. I got part of my baby bedding in the mail yesterday from Serena and Lily, it is just as cute as ever, in a manly boyish way. I cant wait to get it all together and post some pics. 
First I have to get a crib to put it all in!!!! Oh, the crib. 

Well I think that pretty much sums up yesterday, oh minus the fact that
 I was able to eat a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich in Beaumont..... 
oh the joy of life when you live in Jasper, Texas. 
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