lack of blogging.

Life is crazy, hence the lack of blogging We are busy with life. Like I said, It is crazy. We are also busy with paper work for our adoption so in my down time I feel like that is encompassing all of my time (after Whitty goes to bed, anyway). Im honestly overwhelmed with it. So overwhelmed that I often have to step back and take a few deep breaths. We had our first Ethiopian conference call yesterday and it was a wealth of information about things going on there...it set in another whole level of being overwhelmed. We were informed about Ethiopian court closing for their "season" (usually about 6 weeks, starting Aug. 6Th), about some agencies closing their Ethiopian program but our agency, America World, still being on a working level with Ethiopia, referrals, time frames, etc. They talked about how many recommendations Ethiopia is processing a day and they (MOWCYA) is saying they are roughly processing 10 a day, down from about 50/a day....etc.
To be honest, I am still processing all that was presented to us. It was a lot.
It was neat to be able to hear the questions and concerns of others that often wonder the same things and are in the same place as you. It was neat to be able to pray and hear the prayers of these people that are also adopting. It was neat to be able to do that with our agency and know it is going to happen once a month. It was real, It made it feel real.
It is weird, I feel like I am in a race to get our paperwork in, collect info for our dossier, etc. but I know that it is not... I know that God has perfect timing. It was neat how in our conference call they made it very clear how they pray over each of the referrals. Friends, please pray that I will enjoy this process and not feel that I am in a race against time. I want to grow and learn instead of being overwhelmed and anxious. I don't only want a child from this, I want to grown as a person and learn to rely on God more. I have been watching a lot of videos about the City of Addis and just longing to know more and be able to picture what I am praying for. I have been to places similar to it, but I wanted to see Ethiopia... my heart is falling in love with this place, even though I have never been there. Weird? maybe. but it's happening. My only answer is God.

So where are we in the Ethiopian adoption process: We are collecting information for our homestudy and dossier... the list is long, we are checking off one thing at a time.

So where are we with the foster to adopt stuff: We are waiting our turn for our homestudy. Being patient and waiting.

"Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will real if we do not grow weary".
Galatians 6:9

"When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, You knew my Path".
Psalm 142:3


I dig being 2

Well my little man you are officially two as of last Saturday! We had a big bash and everyone joined together to celebrate your two years of life. Whitt, wow, what can I say...you are the cutest thing that I have ever laid eyes on in my life. I know I am your mom but you melt my heart with each little smile and smirk you make. In two years of life you have accomplished so much... I can't wait to see what you do and how you change over the next two years. On your two year mark you still like Justin Bieber, baseball, golf, shoot (basketball), you love hot dog (mickey), and anything to do with Tractors, trucks, trains, helicopters, airplanes....the list could go on. You are very much still a guys guy. You are so smart Whitt. You say a few sentences and at those times is when I realize how big you are really getting. You are in a very lovable stage right now, wanting to cuddle all the time. I wish I could just bottle that up forever. You have become polite, saying thank you and bless you when people sneeze. Your heart is so big, if you see someone crying, you are immediately drawn to them to try to give them some lovin'. Whittaker Overstreet I love you more than words can express. Happy Birthday Dude!!!!

Here are some pictures of your,
Join my Crew I'm turning 2 Birthday Bash!

and a little After party fun

*my son was naked, well in a diaper most of his party.
I swear he didn't start out that way.
** I don't usually give whittaker soda (big red) in this case his uncle jeremy gave it him. which might or might not have been the reason he stayed up till 2 am on the night of his birthday.


Tidbits about Corey

Well due to the fact that last week I turned the Big 3-0... I am going to give you a list of 30 tidbits about me. Some weird things some normal. But it's me. Somethings I left out but I just wanted to do this for fun.

Love Cake, Hate Pie. Like seriously HATE
Only like the caramel in the McDonald's Apple Dippers
Started loving mushrooms when I was pregs with Whitty, still love them...
would not touch them before then.
Started loving onions during a diet I did, despised them before... like wouldn't take a bite if it had onion in it.
Hate coconut, love coconut flavoring
my mom's whole family calls me CoCo
Only east mustard with grilled cheese.
Went to boarding school for a little while in New Hampshire and a 1.5 years in Colorado.
When I was little I wanted to change my name to Amy
Love breakfast tacos
Love candy, especially sour candy
Love a good movie that makes you cry.
Love a good cry.
enjoy when it is cool outside and you get into a hot car
I countdown every year for the snow cone stand to open
Love to belt some good music in the car, I sing from my soul
I am from Austin
I have 2 little sisters, who are also my best friends.
One of my eyebrows is higher than the other
I like rap music
I have no rhythm
The day Whitt was born was the happiest and scariest day of my life, I have never felt a combo quiet like it.
My favorite color is Navy Blue
I love monograms
I am obsessed with kitchen products, I just wish I knew how to use them all
I love Jesus, fully.
I hate to read, but wished I loved it.
I do not like milk, never drink it, ever
Love a classic box of mac.n.cheese
Have been dating/married to my hubs for 11 years.


The month of June.

June is a crazy month for us.

This weekend is my birthday. The BIG 30 people. So to start the birthday week off right, I got a hair cut, to make me feel fresh, to make me feel well... not so 30. Well I decided to get bangs... now I am feeling all of 12 years old. SO... the birthday haircut might have not been such a good idea. I am waiting till day 3, new haircuts are always best on day 3.

This week is also our last week at Houston's First Baptist. Bitter sweet moment. Andy grew up at this church, so to him it is like home. I didn't grow up there but we have friends there, are music minister's came from the church where Andy and I went all through college and then some (First Irving).... which make it feel like home to me. But we are moving on to something great and we are super pumped about it. Beyond pumped really. I believe God has been preparing and working in our heart for this change. We are starting a CHURCH PLANT with our great friends, Amanda and Curtis Jones. The Jones' were also at First Irving and Houston's First and we are so excited to be on their team on such an incredible journey in serving God. You can read more about Bayou City Fellowship from Amanda's heart, here, here and here.

This month (next week) is also Whittaker's 2nd Birthday. He is having a construction party and it is going to be out of this world. Well maybe... I decided to cut back a little this year, not invite as many peeps and cut back on me being a over-doing party loving/throwing mom. He will never even know. These are his picture birthdays (will only remember because of pictures). I have thought about doing parties maybe every other year. Like having a family party one year and a friend party the next. But I love parties. SO... doubt that will happen.... pondering it though.

It is also mine and Andy's 5 year anniversary this month. It is absolutely crazy how fast five years have flown by. We are not doing anything big around our anni. because we are going to Seaside Florida a couple weeks later, which we are super pumped about. I am super excited to see Whitt at the beach and get some great family photo's. Love me so classic family pics. Happy Anniversary Month Hubs!!!!

In adoption news for the last week or so...
We officially have everything turned in for the foster to adopt business and are waiting patiently (kinda) for our homestudy. We also mailed our first payment and group of paperwork off to America World for our Ethiopia loves. We are super pumped for this journey that God has placed in our hearts!!!!!

In other Wetherell news....

We are heading to Dallas to watch Dallas Baptist University play in some fancy schmancy regionals. The hubs is really excited about this, so I thought I would write about it so, we could remember it years down the road. I guess it's kind of a big deal in the baseball world.

Whitt is talking up a storm... sometimes in never ending sentences. Which is always funny because he gives you a look and waits for a response even though I have no idea what he is actually saying. He has also been extra loving, which has been fun. He wants to be held a lot for some reason but I have loved it, except for when I am trying to cook dinner. He is definatly still a daddy's boy and loves the routine evening wrestling matches. He is still very much into everything trucks, cars, planes, helicopters and tractors.

Here are a few pics to spruce up and wrap up this novel of a post.

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