lack of blogging.

Life is crazy, hence the lack of blogging We are busy with life. Like I said, It is crazy. We are also busy with paper work for our adoption so in my down time I feel like that is encompassing all of my time (after Whitty goes to bed, anyway). Im honestly overwhelmed with it. So overwhelmed that I often have to step back and take a few deep breaths. We had our first Ethiopian conference call yesterday and it was a wealth of information about things going on there...it set in another whole level of being overwhelmed. We were informed about Ethiopian court closing for their "season" (usually about 6 weeks, starting Aug. 6Th), about some agencies closing their Ethiopian program but our agency, America World, still being on a working level with Ethiopia, referrals, time frames, etc. They talked about how many recommendations Ethiopia is processing a day and they (MOWCYA) is saying they are roughly processing 10 a day, down from about 50/a day....etc.
To be honest, I am still processing all that was presented to us. It was a lot.
It was neat to be able to hear the questions and concerns of others that often wonder the same things and are in the same place as you. It was neat to be able to pray and hear the prayers of these people that are also adopting. It was neat to be able to do that with our agency and know it is going to happen once a month. It was real, It made it feel real.
It is weird, I feel like I am in a race to get our paperwork in, collect info for our dossier, etc. but I know that it is not... I know that God has perfect timing. It was neat how in our conference call they made it very clear how they pray over each of the referrals. Friends, please pray that I will enjoy this process and not feel that I am in a race against time. I want to grow and learn instead of being overwhelmed and anxious. I don't only want a child from this, I want to grown as a person and learn to rely on God more. I have been watching a lot of videos about the City of Addis and just longing to know more and be able to picture what I am praying for. I have been to places similar to it, but I wanted to see Ethiopia... my heart is falling in love with this place, even though I have never been there. Weird? maybe. but it's happening. My only answer is God.

So where are we in the Ethiopian adoption process: We are collecting information for our homestudy and dossier... the list is long, we are checking off one thing at a time.

So where are we with the foster to adopt stuff: We are waiting our turn for our homestudy. Being patient and waiting.

"Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will real if we do not grow weary".
Galatians 6:9

"When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, You knew my Path".
Psalm 142:3


Wynne & Stephen said...

corey! have been thinking of yall lots. dying to catch up on the phone and visit. I know you have lots on your plate but know that it will all be worth it. just keep looking at one thing at a time! so excited for yall!!!

Hannah said...

That is amazing!! Your story will be incredible to watch unfold. :) I'm so glad you said something about reading my blog - I will enjoy following yours as well. Did you receive the invitation from blogger? A lot of people never got the email, and I've been re-sending a bunch of them.

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