blessed yet breathless

Life is going. It is leaving me breathless. I sometimes feel as I am taking quick deep breaths to keep from drowning in the deep end. I know that sounds weird but I often feel this way. The way we do life right now leaves me tired. I am tired of traveling back and forth, tired of living in two places. Just tired. I hate being tired, It makes me feel as if I am not giving 100%- not to whitt, not to my husband, not to my friends (new and old), GOD, not to our new church BCF, not enough time to our adoption, not enough time for myself.

At the same time I am blessed beyond belief. I have a great husband, a precious son (boy is he precious) and we both have great jobs, food on the table...the list could go on. I am blessed and I am thankful.
God is stirring in us. I just pray I am not to tired to see what HE is stirring. I am trusting though. He is a Big God with Big plans and maybe he needs me
tired to be able to see that. To trust in that.
When we were in Seaside, it was a break- a time of much needed rest with great friends where I could just breathe, think and soak up life. I didn't have to worry about the 5 billion pieces of paper work that needed to be filled out for our adoption (happy to do them, just overwhelming) or the work that needed to be done for my job.
My mind could relax (for the most-part).
It gave me enough breath to jump back in the deep end.
Trusting in God.
Taking long deep breaths.

Warning: Seaside, Florida Picture Overload

Beyond blessed. I mean look at these pictures. Beyond.


Seaside Sneak Peek

We had so much fun this past week
and I cant wait to post about it...
but this will have to do for now.
Seaside 2011

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