Paul McCartney Signs Deal with iTunes

Kids..... Mr. McCartney himself signed a $400 million dollar deal with iTunes....AHHHHH!!!!!

Now I can have the Beatles on my Ipod- AMEN! Strawberry Field FOREVER!
P.S. If you cant tell I love the Beatles!!!


A shout out to my peeps

I just wanted to make a little shout out to the First Irving Team in Honduras. Please pray for them as they SHINE in Honduras. Please pray for their families as they are gone, some have babes. Please pray for the people of Honduras, that they would see the light of God in the teams face and that they would yearn for that same light for themselves.


I am here to ANNOUNCE we are MOVING again!!!

We found this house in Houston and just couldn't pass up the deal. It's off of Kirby and It is to die for. I little touch of french country has made my world complete. Here are some pics of the new crib....
Just kidding, I totally wish!!! This weekend we were blessed with opportunity to go to the Azalea trail. We received the ticket from a Friend of Andy's mom and are very Thankful. The trail is hosted by The River Oaks Garden Club and it is a sight to see. The houses and the gardens are amazing and words cannot describe the beauty that they convey. This house was one of my favorites, it is just a perfect "little" cottage.(Not little at all) Here are some more pics from the Azalea Trail.


P.S. I didnt get a tons of pictures because yes my SIMS cards was not in my camera for most of the trail!

I am ADDICTED.....

to Decorating...straight up. I am literally never satisfied, I continue to want to change our house because I have no more room to decorate. My husband says I need an outlet. So I have found these decorating blogs and I cannot stop looking at them which in turn is making my problem worse. I am in the process of trying to talk Andy into letting me get a new couch....so I am hoping this will quench my decorating thirst. 
Here is my favorite design blog, Desire to Inspire.....
you should take a peek!!!
*Caroline, I picked this picture for you because I know so, How much you love Blue and White Spode!


1st Annual Crawfish Boil....

Well this past weekend we had our First ANNUAL crawfish Boil. Yeah, that's right we are going to have it every year. And hopefully it will get larger and larger as people's families get bigger and bigger. It was a last minute get together that we had to have....cause the weather was oh so beautiful. It was a Cajun cook-out. We had 70 pounds of crawfish, homemade ettoufee , Boudin, french bread... man was it delicious. We had a little Washers competition going on. It was just a time in a half. Well I am sad to announce that I don't have pictures because guess what, my camera is broken... are expensive Camera's suppose to break, I don't think so!!!!
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