A shout out to my peeps

I just wanted to make a little shout out to the First Irving Team in Honduras. Please pray for them as they SHINE in Honduras. Please pray for their families as they are gone, some have babes. Please pray for the people of Honduras, that they would see the light of God in the teams face and that they would yearn for that same light for themselves.


Caroline said...

Corey I am writing this request down!!!! I will def. be praying for them. Did you take those pictures??? They have your style written all over them. You really should do photography more!!! You are soo creative!!!!

Janelle & Ella said...

I MISSED YOU on the trip!!! Thank you for your prayers! It was wonderful. I tried to make you proud with the pictures I took. I thought to myself the whole time, "would this be a picture Corey would take?" :-)

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