Just hanging around.....

Just hanging around enjoying this great weather,
hammock style.


On the GO with Whitt in Tow!

Below: Marin, Whitt and Graham
We were also able to see and spend some time with Daniel, Amy and Wyatt on their trip to Texas from North Carolina. It was so great to be able to play with Wyatt, and talk with Amy and Daniel. Whitt and Wyatt hit it off immediatly, even though they don't know that yet.
Whitt + Wyatt = BFF Forever.
Savages, we cant wait till our next visit!!!
When we were in Austin we went and visited my dad's parent, Jewel and Blackie...who Whitt already adores... (Whitt believe me you do, Blackie will always be a score for Candy)!!!!
He also was able to meet his cousin, Gain.
Gain and Whittaker were born 2 days apart.
Whittaker is two days older, I know...
Can you believe that? Oh, my little preemie... you will catch up one day.

Cuddle time with his Aunt Nei...
Bed time with Bee, Aunt T and Mom
Whittaker was pulling all kind of crazy stunts in Austin, he can now roll from his
stomach to his back! He waited till Dad got in town to show off...
I have tried to video it several times but he is camera shy, of course.
He is growing and changing more and more everyday. He is weighing 8 lbs. 12 oz. and to my measurements is about 20 inches long. He is staying awake more during the day and sleeping a little longer at night. Praise the Lord. He loves to be in his swing or be held. He is definitely a cuddler. He is getting rolls on his legs which is a dream come true. We pulled out baby pictures when I was in Austin and we have decided that he had Andy's eye's and my nose and bottom part of my face (lips, chin, etc.). He also found his voice or should
a say cry while we were in Austin, and man is it loud.
He is getting more of a personality everyday which is really fun to see.


And we are off....

First stop:
Houston to see The Savages (ahhhh!!!). Wyatt and Whitt are going to be BFF, I just know it!!!!

Second Stop:
Austin to visit Annie B (my mom) and Whittaker's two aunts.
We are busting at the seams we are so excited.

We (Whitt and I) will be gone for the week, so pray that Whitt will adjust well. This will be his first journey so pray that he stays the calm spirited baby that he has been!


Today is my due date: August 11, 2009

Today is the day our little man was suppose to be born, but he has graced our presence for the last 2 months. These last 2 months have just been a blessing to Andy and I, Whittaker brings continuous smiles to our every day. In this day as we are so happy that our little mister is here, we are even more grateful that we have a FATHER that has blessed us with more than we could have asked for. Did I know that today Andy and I would take Whittaker to his 2 month appointment, no.... I thought I would be giving birth. God knew that we would be driving to the doctor today,
He knew Whittaker would come out weighing a mere 3 lbs.
and today would weigh 7 lbs. 8 oz., He knew.
Praise the Lord that He cradled little Whitt
in his arms and kept him safe and healthy.
So in this day as I look at my son sleeping in his swing, I would like to
Thank my Father for all that he has done and all that he has yet to do.
Thank you for this time with our son!!!
Whitt's stats:
weight-7 lbs. 8 oz. (.31%)
Height- 18 inches (.00%)
He loves to sleep, eat and poop. Even though he is 2 months old he still acts to his adjusted birth day which is one day old. I love to see each roll develop on his body, to me rolls are a dream come true on his little body. He doesn't cry very much but when he does he makes his self very known. He is starting to sleep a little better at night, he will sometimes go for a 4 hour stretch before he wants to eat again. He loves when his dad feeds him, he takes down his bottle like a champ. Lately Whitt and I have been watching SYTYCD in hopes that one day he will hear the beat of the music and know dancing was meant for him. We also love to sing Shane and Shane or Watermark together during the day. He loves to be swaddled and hates to be naked, changing his diaper and bath time are not his strong points. He is quite a stretcher and grunter. Night time feedings with him are my favorite, he is so awake and ready to party. He is bright eyed and ready to go,
we have great talks at this time.
I cant wait to see how he changes over the next month.
Whittaker Overstreet we love you more than you will ever know.


Just a case of the Mondays!

We don't want to exercise
or do laundry
We just want to.....

Be cute and adorable and cuddle all day!!!


Whittaker's Residence

This is where the little mister rest's his head and dreams away (when he is not in his bassinet). I have a few more things to do to the room but I wanted to
give you a sneak peak before the toys start to take over.


Where's Whitt???????


Wonderful Whitt!!!!!

Life with Whitt is great. He is growing like a weed, we are working on him getting his nights and days in order, right now he still has them switched. It is crazy to think that my "due date" still isn't here, that he would look the way he does in my belly! I realize that every time I felt him in my belly that he was stretching, he is just a stretcher. He is also such a pooper, but that is another post. He met with his physical therapist today and past his exam with flying colors. Hip Hip Hooray!!! 
Well that is the latest update on the mister. 
Just a little lovin' on Mr. Overstreet
P.S. Whittaker's middle name is Overstreet after my dad's great-grandmother.
Daddy and Whitt Time, having some mat time and reading his black and white book
All the boys.....
(Augustus, Whitt and Andy)
FYI-We never let Gus get close to Whitt, we are very cautious, Mom don't Freak out!!!!
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