Wonderful Whitt!!!!!

Life with Whitt is great. He is growing like a weed, we are working on him getting his nights and days in order, right now he still has them switched. It is crazy to think that my "due date" still isn't here, that he would look the way he does in my belly! I realize that every time I felt him in my belly that he was stretching, he is just a stretcher. He is also such a pooper, but that is another post. He met with his physical therapist today and past his exam with flying colors. Hip Hip Hooray!!! 
Well that is the latest update on the mister. 
Just a little lovin' on Mr. Overstreet
P.S. Whittaker's middle name is Overstreet after my dad's great-grandmother.
Daddy and Whitt Time, having some mat time and reading his black and white book
All the boys.....
(Augustus, Whitt and Andy)
FYI-We never let Gus get close to Whitt, we are very cautious, Mom don't Freak out!!!!


Deborah said...

Hooray for Whitt!!! Way to go! Thanks for the update, Cor. You guys look so happy. Can't wait to see the Mister again soon.

Kimberly said...

I miss you and Whitt's sweet face!! I'm so glad that his appointment went well. He is such a champ!!!

Ashley said...

Just love all of these pictures. Whitt is so precious!

BOWquet said...

Whitt is such a cute little man!!! :)

Vicki said...

Darling, darling pictures! I love the black and white of him and the one with all the boys :)...too cute!

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