2 month Vaccines

Can I get yall's opinion on what you think about 2 month vaccines. 
Did yall give them to your children? 

I have done some research and I don't know what to think, especially since his due date isn't even here and he is almost 2 months old. 
 Whitt has his 2 month appointment next week and I don't know what to do.

If you don't feel comfortable writing your thoughts in the comment area, please email me. 

Much Thanks!!!!!


Hannah Lee said...

Hey Girl-- I went back and forth on this subject as well. It is hard to decide exactly what to do. What risks outweigh which particular odds? Autism? Or horribly sick? I went ahead with Jackson's shots up until his 1 year vaccines and then I broke up the visits so he would not have to receive so many at once. Pray about it. You are a good Mom no matter what you decide to do! Hope you are getting some rest. Miss yall!

Amber said...

hunny....call me. or email me. I have done extensive research for a variety of reasons on vaccines. The BEST book and rescourse EVER (and i have read a bunch) is called
THE VACCINE BOOK by Dr. Sears. its amazing. It details the goods and bads of EACH vaccine why and why not to getting them. It is very balanced. He even gives alternative vaccine schedules already laid out so you dont have to fret about them...its awesome.

seriously, lets talk...dont fret you will be give much wisdom.
love you miss you!

Grimes Life said...

Hey Cor!! I can't believe mr is already 2 months!!!

Have you found a pediatrician yet? One that you TRUST everything they say? When we met with ours before Cade was born she told me that she treats her patiends like her VERY own children. I am sure you get alot of "this is what we did with our baby" stuff....we did too, and still do, most of it's great advice, but when it comes to decision making about shots, meds, etc. we only let our ped tell us what we need to do. We decided early that we were going to trust her with everything. So...if you have found a great ped, go with what they say, and if you haven't and think Whitt is too young for all 3 2 month vaccines, hold off and spread them out!

Good Luck! We REALLY want to come see y'all soon!

Lindsay said...

Preslyn and ella had all of their shots normally. Talk with your pedi and see what they have to say. I had a pedi that had a preemie that was a really great help for me,learning new things. They were 8 weeks early and ella had her 2 month shots before she ever came home.

You have to do what you feel is best. Call me anytime!


I have been following and reading your blog and prayed and prayed for your baby that everything would go well. On the vaccine... I too have done much research on it and what I found I didn't like. I am not sure that I would give my baby vaccinations (if I had another one) simply because of what I learned. I know that it may be really hard to get him in school without them. I homeschool. Just being that he was born so early and did have some issues I would hold off as long as I could. I don't think waiting a couple of months, researching more, learning as much as you can and praying hard on the answer would hurt. Ask our Father for guidance on this and know that he will give you the right answer.

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