I am still in bed sick, sorry for the broken promise of a video....I cannot get it to download on my computer. Andy is going to have to bring the directions. I went to the doc today for my blistered face and now eyeball.... yes I have fever blisters on my eyeball. As my sister in law said, I look like an alien! I would post a picture but I will spare you having to look at me and spare me the embarrassment. So I have still yet to be able to go and see Whitt, I am hoping the blisters heal fast with the new meds and I will be able to go soon. Pray for that PLEASE!

Let me give you the latest update on the little man. 
He weighs 3lbs. 16oz...... almost 4 lbs. 
Closer to 4 than 3.16 the nurse said!!!!!!!
Praise GOD!!!!
His feeds are up to 36cc a feed (there are 30cc in 1 ounce) which are 8x  a day.
4 of his feeds are given to him by bottle and not feeding tube, 
he took all the bottles yesterday so they bumped it up to 4 today. 
Yesterday he got mad at the nurse because he wanted more food. 
I cannot wait to hear him scream (I know I will take those words back someday), 
he is always so peaceful when we are there. 

God has really made himself so evident lately and I am so Thankful for that. He is really teaching our family so much and molding us in some pretty spectacular ways. 
I am excited to continue to be molded into the wife,
mother,friend,family that he wants me/us to be. 
Please to continue to be in prayer for our family of 3, plus Gus !!!

Here is a sweet picture from Sunday of little Whitt all bright eyed and ready to go. 
How can you just not love that little face?!?!?


Caroline said...

oh he is soooooooooooooooo handsome! He looks so much like you!!!! praying for you and your family and Praise the Lord for all that is has already done! love you

Deborah said...

he has filled out in his little face since I saw him last! So precious! I'm praying for you guys. So proud of you Corey!

Kim Soto said...

Corey, he is changing so much all ready and filling out! He will soon be a little chubby legs to squeeze! I love that they have him in an outfit now too. What a little man!

Lindsay said...

4 lbs and 4 bottles that is awesome! I remember preslyn started 4 bottles and literally like 2 days later she was up to 8 and being discharged. He is getting close! Thank you Jesus!!

Molly said...

Corey- Whitt looks so good, you can tell in the picture that he is gaining weight and doing better. I am so happy for you!! I hope you start feeling better soon so you can be with your boys! Take care :)

The Self Cottage said...

yay! he looks like he got a lot of hair since I saw him! whooohooo

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