I have been tagged twice, so therefore I must follow through

Tagged By: Amanda and Jordan, thanks ladies!!!

8 TV Shows I watch:
1. The Hills- judge me that's fine, I love it. 
2. Grey's - even though I hate it more and more every season
3. One Tree Hill
4. Gossip Girl
5. House 
6. CSI Miami- even though it gives me nightmares
7. Oprah- depending on the subject, also Ellen.
8. Private Practice

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. P.F. Changs
2. Luby's 
3. Short Stop- In Austin originated in Beaumont
4. Suzi's Chinese Bistro
5. Popeye's- its a given
6. Matt's El Racho
7. Mr. Gatti's Pizza- love there Ranch!!!! 
8. Kitchen Door Sandwich's

8 Things that happen to me today:
1. Slept through my alarm clock, Heaven!
2. Didn't have anything to wear
3. Ran some title- work just work. 
4. Ate saltine crackers- I have a stomach ache
5. Checked my email
6. Got some Christmas Pretzels
7. Played with Gus- our Dog
8. Talked about what I am wearing to the Christmas party

8 Things I look forward to:
1. Monday, when I get off for Christmas Vaca
3. Surprises. 
4. My Stomach ache going away
5. Eating great Cajun food in New Orleans
6. Drinking hot chocolate when I get home
7. Amy having her baby....
8. My trip to N. Carolina to see Amy's Baby

8 Things I wish for:
1. To be Skinny
2. To have a safe traveling season
3. To be warm in this cold season- I love cold weather but I hate being cold
4. My hair to grow to the middle of my back
5.  To live closer to Family and Friends
6.  To move out of the country, not like out of the US but like back to the City
7.  For Anthropology to be at Target prices
8.  To live in a modern house. 

8 People I tag (sorry if you have already been tagged I am bad at this):
1. Melissa Grimes
2. Kristy Erwin
3. Kim Soto
4. Ashley Williams
5. Melissa Murrell
6. Amy Savage
7. Lauren Self
8. Krystal Billups


Photo Diary Post for the last couple of weeks

Well as I read other blogs I continue to learn that,
 I am not Witty, I am not a funny writer, shoot, I am just not a writer. 
So with that said the rest of this post will be pictures with a few captions. 
Yes, I am boring. 
Welcome to my boring Blog. 
#1-We moved 
from 7155,
 we are now just in the country, living the country life. 
#2-We attended our First Christmas Party this year, 
It was in Houston and it was a fun little get away. 
Pic Above: Jor, Corey, Deb and Allie
 First Pic Below: Myself, Allie and Jordan
Second Pic Below: Andy and Jordan
#3We stayed at Jeremy and Erica's one weekend and I had a little Photo Shoot with Graham wearing my scarf. Sorry, Jeremy!!!!
 During our stay I also took Marin to get her nails done, she 
was so great and had a great time with the ladies. She was being so cute, If I moved while in my chair, she would loudly say,
 "Corey, be still". She was such a doll.  
# 4 Gus ran away for a few hours (about 7) last week and when we found him, he had a torn up face... (I will spare you the pics). But during everything he has been such a manly pup.
#5 We spent Thanksgiving with Andy's family in Lindale, which was great. Andy and I went to Walmart at 5 am the day after Thanksgiving, and I have to say it was a adrenaline rush... but
 I think it will be my first and last Black Friday Experience.
#6 We recently had a crock pot party... 
don't be jealous. It was every humans dream come true.



It's beginning to look alot like CHRISTMAS!

Welcome to Christmas in the Wetherell Home!!!!
Its not much but I made due with what I could find, since our stuff is in storage. 


Welcome, Cade Michael Grimes

Cade Michael Grimes was born last night at 7:15 pm to the wonderful parents of Jon and Melissa Grimes. We love the Grimes and are so excited as they Welcome this little bundle of joy into the world. We are counting down the days until we get to meet him face to face!!!!
BORN: 7:15 pm
6 lbs. 11 oz.

Her nursery is to die for. 



Election day.... 
Aleast one good thing came from it, I was able to make and even better EAT
WASHINGTON Caramel Apples
4 years to 8 years people... 
Lets just start praying for the 4 years. 
And Praying for him, because the Man's going to need it. 


A little Halloween Backflash on Election Day....

This Halloween we were in Jasper, SO we went to the Halloween company party, it was a time in a half. I dressed up as a black eyed pea, since I didn't have time to get a costume. Andy and Zach Mangrum dressed up as caddies for Tiger Wood and Fred Couples, as the rest of our friends dressed up as Gladiators or something. 
Here are a couple of pics.

Here are Andy and Zach getting pumped up wearing Red and Blue....


Praises for Kristi Walker

For new updates on Kristi there has been a webpage set up by Chuck's Bible study group, they will update the site about every other day. 
It takes a minute to log in, so go and leave her and the Walker family some love. 
The web page is:

You have to register, close out and then click back on the link. 


The Prayers of the righteous are very effective.

I write this for the reason above, knowing that indeed the "prayer are the righteous are effective" as stated in James 5:16... I ask you to lift up a sweet friend by the name of Kristi Walker. She as of yesterday been diagnosed with cancer in every part of her body. As I write this I am saddened but I also know that We have a powerful GOD, that can heal. So as I write this I am asking you to pray strongly for full HEALING. My friend Amanda, has wrote some great words, so for the sake of my bad writing skills please go and read what she has written, the girl has a gift of writing. 
Please also lift up Amy (her younger sister, which if I could be anybody in the world I would want to be her...I love you!)Along with the rest of the Walker and Winters Families. I will just let you read Amanda's, I am just mumbling. 

Also Please lift up the Watson family, our sweet friend Illetta Watson passed away last night of brain cancer, her brain has been swept with this cancer in the last week so it was very fast moving  and allowed her to be with the Lord quickly. Please pray for Illetta's two daughter Candace and Natalie as now that have to live in this world without their mom. This was a very sudden thing, so as we know she is with the Lord, which is amazing, it is just very shocking.

So please lift up all this families, that God's light will continue to shine bright. 


Cupcake Crazy-ness

Well in my attempt to hold on to the beautiful weather I decided to make spring-ish cupcakes for a baby shower I was helping host for a girl that I work with. It was one of those things were you hope the idea in your head really pans out...
 I am pleased to say that I think it did.
I can wait to make a LARGE birds nest for a cake, to see if that works. 
P.S. The birds nest is toasted coconut
P.S.S. Sorry the pictures are kind of blurry my camera was being crazy. 




For Starters, this Saturday we are having a garage sale.... 
Myself, Erica (my sister-in-law) and Madalyn (my mother-in-law)... 

So come BUY our stuff...
it will be good. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008
14023 Pebblebrook Drive
Houston, Texas 77079
7A.M. to 12 A.M.

right now at Taco Cabana if you donate $1 to Saint Jude's, you will get a book for
 5 bean and cheese tacos. 
and it goes for a good cause....
and it's TC, which absolutely rocks my fast food world....
Did i mention it was a good cause.
Right now at Sam's Club, you can get a membership till Christmas for just $10. 
I heard it on the radio. 
10 weeks for 10 dollars. 
I have not looked into it much but it would be good for the holidays coming up...

Just some thoughts this morning 


It's COMING.....

Election Day.



Two weekend Wrap-Up.

Weekend in Austin. 
It is hunting season, so Andy and some of his friends were dove hunting so I took the oppurtunity to go Home. It feels so good to be home, when I can get the chance to go. 
So during this visit I hung out with the family, 
sisters and I went shopping, went to the UT game, Ate alot....
 I always feel like I am eating when I am there....
So here is some pics to document the journey.
Mom and I, we meet her at a tennis match for a quick chat. 
The sister's and I at the tailgate before the game. 
My little sister, Taylor and I had to walk around the whole stadium to get to our seat, but because of that we got to see the band up close and personal. It was not really a fair exchange. 
SO let me fill you in on this picture.... 
At the game it's 100 degree's outside, a girl was wearing this. 
Her boots had to be full of sweat. 
And her dress, I know it's a
 shirt but she wore it as a dress. 
Girls, Her spanx are showing. 
I wanted to tell her but I couldn't bring my self to it, her boyfriend that was with her obviously couldn't either. So I politlely took a picture, said a little prayer for her and walked away. 

Weekend in Dallas. 
Andy and I left Thursday and drove to Dallas.
 He played in a DBU Alumni Golf Tournament, in which his team placed first. Go Hubs!!!
 We stayed with some friends from college for a
 couple nights and got some good visiting time in. 
Then on Saturday, my cousin was getting married. We had a fun time at the wedding and with the family. Andy and I were able to stay in a hotel and for anyone who knows me 
knows staying in hotels is one of my favorite things to do. 
People, the hot water never runs out!!!!
On Sunday we went to the cowboys game with one of my other cousins and her husband, we had a faboulous time, It was my first Cowboys game ever, I 
know I lived in Dallas for 8 years and this was my first game, just pathetic. 
Here are some pics of the weekend.

Andy, Ran Whit, Blake, Tay and Mom ready for the wedding to start!
My Aunt Kay (mother of the groom),Tay (Little Sis), 
Jewel (my grandma), My mom,  Kendall (my cousin)
Sisters, after the wedding. Go Cowboys! GO!
Oh, the fire, the cheerleader, the game, the funnel cake.... it was a great time!!!

The weekend was great. WE are so excited about this week, we haven't been to our house in Houston in over a month.... coming home just in time to start packing! Yeah!
I am just loving the life of a land-man!!!!


This is what we did while Ike took care of Business...

Hurricane Ike has come and gone, thank goodness, our Electricity went out about 4 a.m., i heard a "freight train" which growing up I wa
s always told
So this is where we slept
We were without electricity for a few d
ays during Ike, a friend of ours had a generator so we bunked up there for a little while but now we are in Houston at Andy parents
because they have electricity . We had a hoot with
 our friends during the storm, though we felt bad for having fun at such a devastating time. Here are a few 
things that we did...

We went and helped a friend of our look at their house in Lake Charles, we went with hopes to help but there was nothing to clean up. Here is a glimpses of what we saw.
BYE BYE IKE, we are glad you are GONE!


Please Ike take a Hike!

We are bunking down here in Jasper. We are not traveling back to Houston this weekend since Mr. Ike is liking that path as of right now. But we are praying that our house has enough muscle to take the storm... even though when it just rains the streets around our house floods.
(Janelle you have been able to be witness to that)!!!
We have supplies, water, food... and we are ready. 
Walmart was EMPTY... yes correct, they are running low on food. 
Gas Stations, cannot even explain. 20 car long people. 

But we are grateful...grateful for the rain, wind and grateful for A God that is bigger than us. 

See you Post- Ike. 

Here is a pic of the gas station.... sorry its an iPhone pic so therefor it is pitiful.  
Also please keep one of my work associates in your prayers, she had to post-pone her wedding this weekend because of the Hurricane.


Just call me Betty... Betty Crocker that is.

This weekend a friend of mine (Christine Mangrum) and I baked a cake for a friend of ours (Jennifer Brunson) daughter's (Elie) third birthday party. Sorry for all the names, just wanted to get it all out there.  The cake was to be in shape and style of the swim suit Elie was wearing to her birthday party. Here are some pictures of the cake, Elie, Christine and I, maybe one of Marin (my neice) and all the other Birthday fun. 
Oh, yeah and if you need a cake. Let us know.

Below: The Birthday Girl and her Cake!
The Bakers of Cake: Me on left , Christine on Right
Marin, my sweet niece at the Birthday Bash!
Andy, my sweet husband about to go and scare Marin... sorry sweet child, he is a little scary!!
Well that's all I have today Folks, if you want a cake, call us, email, blog us...
 I'm off to check up on Hurricane Ike. 



Can I just say that Palin rocks my sweet little world. 
 According to the Drudge Report, her TelePrompter malfunctioned halfway through her speech, she is every woman. And her kids names are Amazing!!!!


Michelle you were so right about the most Popular names of 2009, 
maybe when I have a babe one day, I will use one. 



Ok.... I decided the reason that I have not blogged is Africa. I feel like it needs to be my next post but I don't have words for this experience. I don't know if I have quiet processed it all, so I don't have the words to explain it. What I can tell you is that the people there are amazing, and that God is definately there and working like crazy. 
 I am just going to show you some of the pictures 
I have so you can see the faces of these people. 
Amazing People with Amazing hearts. 
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