Photo Diary Post for the last couple of weeks

Well as I read other blogs I continue to learn that,
 I am not Witty, I am not a funny writer, shoot, I am just not a writer. 
So with that said the rest of this post will be pictures with a few captions. 
Yes, I am boring. 
Welcome to my boring Blog. 
#1-We moved 
from 7155,
 we are now just in the country, living the country life. 
#2-We attended our First Christmas Party this year, 
It was in Houston and it was a fun little get away. 
Pic Above: Jor, Corey, Deb and Allie
 First Pic Below: Myself, Allie and Jordan
Second Pic Below: Andy and Jordan
#3We stayed at Jeremy and Erica's one weekend and I had a little Photo Shoot with Graham wearing my scarf. Sorry, Jeremy!!!!
 During our stay I also took Marin to get her nails done, she 
was so great and had a great time with the ladies. She was being so cute, If I moved while in my chair, she would loudly say,
 "Corey, be still". She was such a doll.  
# 4 Gus ran away for a few hours (about 7) last week and when we found him, he had a torn up face... (I will spare you the pics). But during everything he has been such a manly pup.
#5 We spent Thanksgiving with Andy's family in Lindale, which was great. Andy and I went to Walmart at 5 am the day after Thanksgiving, and I have to say it was a adrenaline rush... but
 I think it will be my first and last Black Friday Experience.
#6 We recently had a crock pot party... 
don't be jealous. It was every humans dream come true.



Lindsay said...

i think you are witty! bring back the blogs with words too!! :) love your decor as always!

Janelle and Ella said...

Goodbye Houston home!! It was gorgeous.
We had a Sudan interest meeting Sunday and I was missing you SO much!!!

Amanda said...

I have fond memories of that Walmart in Lindale. It saved me from despair one summer during camp when I realized that bringing Jackson meant I couldn't really do anything. So we went to Walmart. Also, I've never heard of a crock pot party until now! Interesting!

Jordan Pudlo said...

FIRST - I love you AND your blog.
SECOND - send me those pics!
THIRD - be careful driving to Austin today!
See you in two days!!!!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I AM jealous of your crock pot party. I bet there was some kind of queso involved???

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