I have been tagged twice, so therefore I must follow through

Tagged By: Amanda and Jordan, thanks ladies!!!

8 TV Shows I watch:
1. The Hills- judge me that's fine, I love it. 
2. Grey's - even though I hate it more and more every season
3. One Tree Hill
4. Gossip Girl
5. House 
6. CSI Miami- even though it gives me nightmares
7. Oprah- depending on the subject, also Ellen.
8. Private Practice

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. P.F. Changs
2. Luby's 
3. Short Stop- In Austin originated in Beaumont
4. Suzi's Chinese Bistro
5. Popeye's- its a given
6. Matt's El Racho
7. Mr. Gatti's Pizza- love there Ranch!!!! 
8. Kitchen Door Sandwich's

8 Things that happen to me today:
1. Slept through my alarm clock, Heaven!
2. Didn't have anything to wear
3. Ran some title- work just work. 
4. Ate saltine crackers- I have a stomach ache
5. Checked my email
6. Got some Christmas Pretzels
7. Played with Gus- our Dog
8. Talked about what I am wearing to the Christmas party

8 Things I look forward to:
1. Monday, when I get off for Christmas Vaca
3. Surprises. 
4. My Stomach ache going away
5. Eating great Cajun food in New Orleans
6. Drinking hot chocolate when I get home
7. Amy having her baby....
8. My trip to N. Carolina to see Amy's Baby

8 Things I wish for:
1. To be Skinny
2. To have a safe traveling season
3. To be warm in this cold season- I love cold weather but I hate being cold
4. My hair to grow to the middle of my back
5.  To live closer to Family and Friends
6.  To move out of the country, not like out of the US but like back to the City
7.  For Anthropology to be at Target prices
8.  To live in a modern house. 

8 People I tag (sorry if you have already been tagged I am bad at this):
1. Melissa Grimes
2. Kristy Erwin
3. Kim Soto
4. Ashley Williams
5. Melissa Murrell
6. Amy Savage
7. Lauren Self
8. Krystal Billups


Amanda said...

Oh girl, I love me some Mr. Gatti's too! Reminds me of my childhood. My favorite thing there is the dutch apple pizza. Yum! When I read that you wanted "long hair down your back," I thought you were saying you wanted long hair on your back. He he! How fun that you're going to see Amy when the baby comes! Yeah!

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