Here is our house, we have lived here right at a month and
are really enjoying it so far. There is alot of stuff we need to do
to the house inside and out to make it our own.
So for now here is a sneak peek of the before, I can't wait to spice it up.


Cake Face

You can never have enough cake in your birthday month!
Whitt is getting pumped for his party in a few weeks,
when it comes to eating cake he loves the phrase "practice makes perfect"
He is a fan of sweets (just like his mom) so
i think he will be banned from cake until his next birthday.
Speaking of Birthday's, One of our great friends Ryan and Kristy had their son, Gage Ryan Erwin, yesterday so we drove down to see the little blonde dude. He was sure precious and I cant wait to see him and Whitt become such good friends.
We love you Erwin's and can't wait to see little Gage bite down into his first piece of Cake, it will be here before we know it.


finding my niche in the midst of madness

Summer is here, summer equals crazy schedules, traveling, visitors, and lots of fun- I like to call it madness. In moving to Houston less than a month ago I am finding it hard to find my niche in this city in the midst of the madness. I like it here, a matter a fact I love it. I know great people here and there are lots of great things to do. With all the madness it is just hard to find my spot and get in a routine. I cant wait till Andy and I can go to church consistantly and find a great sunday school class, with great people. I can't wait for my little Whitt to meet new friends as he loves to play with kids. SO... as we are in summer we are going to have fun and soak up all the madness but I love having something to look forward to- finding my niche.

Here is a picture of the man in the midst of it all


{::Happy FIRST BIRTHDAY to my little STINKER POT::}

Little Whitt. You have brightened my world, brighter than I could have ever imagined. This day last year I had been in the hospital for 5 days trying to get my crazy body under control. Under control is not what it wanted to be- so I was told I was going to go into surgery @ 11:50 and @ 12:02, you were here on earth and not cozy in my belly in which you were suppose to be for 10 more weeks. You were born at a little 3 lbs. 3 oz. and quickly shrunk to a solid 3 pounds. I have never seen something so small but yet so full of life. You were the cutest thing I had ever seen! I was able to see you once in your little incubator and touch your little pinky until they took you away to Houston and patched you all up. The day your were born changed mine and your dad's life forever. Mister you have changed so much from that day,
you are large and in charge and your personalilty is unstoppable.
You light up any room you are in and people are drawn to the sweet smile that you have.

Whittaker Overstreet Wetherell

Things you are doing @ Age 1:
-rolling your eyes while shaking your head no
-eating all human food and does not like to be left out of a meal.
-you have 8 teeth
-you love straws
- you have a love for water (swimming,drinking,bathing)
-waving bye bye
- you loved to be scared and "try" scaring people with your ooooohhhs
- you love to give kisses, really wet ones.
and the list could go on....

HERE are some PICS:
Day One (Beaumont Texas)
Transfer Day ( Houston, Texas)
Where you lived for a few months
After day 7, I was able to meet you for the second time and hold you for the first. It was one of the best days of my life. My finger was larger than your leg and I could not believe how small you were, you looked so big in all the pictures. You blew my mind.
12 months later here you are having the time of your life!
Well little mister, you are getting to have quiet a few celebrations,
a few with the families and then your party in July
(sorry it is a month out from your real birthday, Mom needs to plan better).
I hope you have the BEST FIRST BIRTHDAY!
I can't wait to see give you a BIG kiss at 12:02 pm.

Since it has been an SOLID year and I have still not lost all my baby weight. I joined Weight Watchers. So pray to Jesus that it helps with this bod of mine, because it needs HELP!


Were Back!!!

Sorry for the blogging Hiatus, we having been busy decorating, running errands, and now we are in Austin for a visit. It was a short visit turned long but we have enjoyed it. The little man is growing so big, I cant believe he turns ONE on Friday. He has enjoyed his visit here with his Annie B and his two aunts. We have been doing some swimming and even let him have a pre-birthday mini cupcake as a test run to see if the REAL birthday cake was going to go smoothly. It was a success, maybe even to much of a success. He LOVED it but did not love it when it was all gone!!!! Here are some pictures of the Whitt man in action, doing the two things he loves right now, Swimming and eating. He would do the two of them 24 hours a day if I let him.
Well I leave you will an up close shot of of my little pork chop.
How can you not love this face, it is delectable.
Pool pictures to come... They are on a different camera and will have to be loaded later.


Moving Madness.

I have been in moving mode, not gotten much sleep, and am stealing Internet from one of my neighbors I have not yet met (we get it tomorrow, I know stealing is wrong). We are finally in the "new to us" house. The painters came and went and we where able to starting unpacking on Friday and had our first slumber here on Saturday night... Moving is crazy with a crawler, they are uncontrollable. PTL for a jumper and exesaucer that could at least give me 20 minutes of baby-free arms. So with my little Handsome crawler unpacking took a little longer than expected. My stolen Internet strength is not strong enough to load pictures or I would give you a sneak peak of the house- so maybe next post.
Here is a little bullet outline of what's been doing on in the Life of the Wetherell's:

- We got our first stomach virus two weeks ago. It started with Whitt and swept
through the fam. Poor Andy got hit the hardest though.
- Whitt is now in a front facing car seat, he looks so big and grown up in it.
- We had quiet a fright the other night when I heard Whitt frantically screaming from his crib so I went into his room and he some how had gotten his baby video monitor cord in his bed and it was wrapped around his neck twice. I was beside myself. Praise Jesus I went into that room. He definitely had His hand on us that night.
- I turn 29 this week- I can't believe I am getting so old and to remind me of it, I have my 10 year high school reunion next weekend. AHHH!!!
- Whitt turns ONE next week. We are going to have a mini family party for him until we have his Celebration in July.
Well that's all I have which is alot for me,
I tend to be more a picture post-er than actual word post-er.

I hope everyone has a good week.
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