From Good to Bad...Snow Style.


{::Happy Valentines Day::}

Whitt and I made Valentines to give to all
his friends for Valentines this year
that he will be seeing this weekend.
He was just in such a loving mood.
We Made:

Mini Apple Pie Pops
Better to Kiss you with ChapStick
To everyone we don't see on this Valentines day, we love
you and are thankful for your love.
Sorry we dont get to give you a Mini Pie
or some Kiss you ChapStick.

Apple pie Labels via TwigandThistle


Foodie Friday via {CuisineNie}

Cookies were made today.
From the blog CuisineNie
I thought they were
Super Easy.
The recipe made alot.
Did I say ALOT....cause I meant ALOT.
4 dozen to be exact.
Thanks Nie.
{recipe here}

My little 8 month old Saint

Who Dat Nation???
Well I dont really know what that is suppose to
mean but we have it on a few of our T-shirts that
my mom's family have sent us.
My mom and her whole family are from
New Orleans, all of them except my mom
still live their actually. My grandparents have
been sending us "Saints" packages
to prepare us for the big day,
which ended in their favor.
Go Saints!!!
We had a fun day celebrating and we
got some really cute pictures out of it.
Whitt loved loved the beads.
Choking hazard, yes...I was careful.
We cant wait to go to New Orleans soon and
visit the Fam and to show them Whitt sporting his Tee!!!!
Love you New Orleans gang!!!!


Fridays Full of Fun...

The pictures below are very deceiving of how this Friday really went, this little man is a teething machine and its been rough on him.... he is a drooling king full of attitude. I love his attitude, it makes me laugh, even though I know he is not having a good day. It's just so dern cute. So even on the hard days, the moments that break through and his smile fills the room....
it just makes it all better.
I am so grateful for this smiling, teething boy!
Have A GREAT weekend!!!!


Free Photo Canvas

you can get a free 8X10 picture printed on canvas, all you have to pay is shipping and handling. Which of course I thought was going to be out of control expensive but it was only 13.99. So I paid a little over $14 for a great picture.
I received mine in the mail and love them.

*You can get larger sizes at a discount price (ex. 11x14 for $9.99) plus shipping but the larger the picture the larger the shipping charge.

Just thought I would spread the word.


{Prayer Needed}

Please Pray for this family as the husband is in Haiti to get their son.
He is stranded at the US embassy and is waiting to get out.
He went there thinking it was going to take a day and he has now been there for a week.



Please Read their story and pray for them.

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