Weekend Wrap-up

Well we drove in from Jasper on Friday around noon,
 just enough time to relax before we 
hit the streets
Friday we went to the Astros game with the Mangrums and the Brunsons. The Astros lost big time against the Colorado Rockies but it was a great time for the girls to be able to ChitChat about life, since the game was not that exciting. 
After the game we headed to the Chocolate Bar, this is an amazing dessert place in Houston, that has ice cream, huge cakes, frozen Hot Chocolate, and cute little chocolate gifts. I myself had chocolate covered strawberries, while Christine had this amazing ice cream-
 ROOTBEER FLOAT, it makes me speechless.
If you are ever in Houston or live in Houston please try it!!!
Well Sat. was just a relax day, I laid out at the pool (and turned into a lobster). Andy went and ran some errands, we went to Central Market and then we hung out with 
Andy's brother and his wife for the rest of the evening. 
It was so relaxing to have nothing to do. 
On Sunday, we woke up and met Amanda and Curtis for Church and tried the Sunday School class that they have been attending (since we are both newbies, we thought we would try it together). Andy and I really enjoyed the class and are planning on going again. 
After that Andy and I hit the road and headed back to Jasper a little early so we could get some lake time in. it was a beautiful day at the lake and a great way to end the weekend. 
This next weekend is just around the corner and Guess who's Birthday it is ANDY'S, he is turning the BIG 28....on Friday!!! WOW!!!!


I would like to live....

I just love the colors and the worn look. SO old yet so vivid!!!  Can you just imagine waking up with a cup of tea and walking out on that little balcony to feel the warmth of the day... AMAZING!!!!
Thanks to Desire to Inspire  for Inspiring me in this Day..... also look at this cute headboard... I would love to paint that for a little girls room. HMMM!!




The cake that I made for MOM Prom...
Andy and I in our OLD MAN/WOMAN PROM outfits....
This is the second mom prom.... it is just a fun way to get together and raise money for a good cause. This year all the proceeds went to an orphanage in Mexico...
 We had so Much fun and cant wait until next year. 


Update on my SWEET cousin...

Here is the scoop... my cousin is three months pregnant. She went to her first doctors appointment for the baby and they diagnosed her with a blood disorder. The blood disorder that she has be given- in turn kind of poisons the baby.  The baby has an abundance of fluid around it and the doctor said that it more than likely has Spina Bifida. The first doctor didn't give her much hope and just bluntly said it was a matter of time, 
but he did send her to a specialist. 
The appointment for the specialist is what I was asking each to pray for. And now I am asking for more prayer. The specialist discovered that the baby had fluid from it head to it knees. They did some test and should get them back in a couple of weeks.
 They are hoping for a specific disorder, I just don't know what it is. 
They gave the baby about a 10% chance to live, if she carries it to birth or not. 
My cousin is in Good spirits and is excited about the 10% chance the baby does have. 

So please pray for that 10%....
 We have a GOD that is BIGGER than we are and we know that His 
plans are much bigger than ours 



I am asking you (the three people that read my blog, Ha!!) 
to please pray for my cousin 
today and tomorrow
 as she prepares and goes to the doctor for some things she has recently faced. 
Please pray that she will have a clear mind, 
that the doctors will be full of wisdom (Godly Wisdom), 
 her and my aunt will be strong in the Lord in whatever faces them and 
they will cry out to the Lord for help, as they are going through this. 
I am not going to go into details but my cousin's  
doctors appointment is at 1:30 on Tuesday
I believe very much so in the power of prayer and
 I know that you my sweet friends do also. 
So Thank you in advice for being such sweet sisters!!!



We Will Talk to you next week, 
everyone have a good weekend!!! 
Peace Out!!!

Happy Birthday Janelle!!!!

I will miss you today as I celebrate another year of your life from afar.
 Have a Good Day Sweet Friend!


Catch up Round TWO!

We had a great Easter, we spent it in Houston this Year with Andy's Family. Andy's sister and her husband welcomed us with Hamburger's and Easter Eggs,
 it was a fun time of Celebration. 
Last weekend, some of my girlfriends and I had a garage sale at my friend Jordan's house, it was a total success and we decided that we should become professional garage Salers. The second we walked out the door, we had a swarm of people and it was constantly non-stop. It was a fun day. 

Andy and I joined a church here in Houston, Houston's First Baptist. It was the church that Andy grew up in and that were excited to join as a family of our own. We were sad to leave our membership at First Irving, but we are excited to be a part of such a great church and new fellowship!  It has really felt like home and has been great.

Well I think that pretty much sums everything up for now.... we have been really busy and are always excited about the new things God reveals to us. We are going to Houston tomorrow to watch DBU play Rice in baseball, Go Patriots!!! On Friday we are headed to New Orleans to see my moms Family,Yeah!!!

Ok..... Here is the run down, A Little Catch up!!!

Well one weekend- I baked alot.... I made a cake for one of my friends, who was throwing a shower for one of her friends. I also made these little lollipop-cakes, that I saw on Bakerella. They were so yummy...but mine didn't turn out as cute as hers. But
 It was my first Time to bake the pops and to use fondant 
so it was trying but it was overall a success. 
Andy and His brother also built a deck for Jeremy and Erica's backyard. While they were building I got to play with Marin- If you can tell by the pictures, we had alot of FUN!!!

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