Weekend Wrap-up

Well we drove in from Jasper on Friday around noon,
 just enough time to relax before we 
hit the streets
Friday we went to the Astros game with the Mangrums and the Brunsons. The Astros lost big time against the Colorado Rockies but it was a great time for the girls to be able to ChitChat about life, since the game was not that exciting. 
After the game we headed to the Chocolate Bar, this is an amazing dessert place in Houston, that has ice cream, huge cakes, frozen Hot Chocolate, and cute little chocolate gifts. I myself had chocolate covered strawberries, while Christine had this amazing ice cream-
 ROOTBEER FLOAT, it makes me speechless.
If you are ever in Houston or live in Houston please try it!!!
Well Sat. was just a relax day, I laid out at the pool (and turned into a lobster). Andy went and ran some errands, we went to Central Market and then we hung out with 
Andy's brother and his wife for the rest of the evening. 
It was so relaxing to have nothing to do. 
On Sunday, we woke up and met Amanda and Curtis for Church and tried the Sunday School class that they have been attending (since we are both newbies, we thought we would try it together). Andy and I really enjoyed the class and are planning on going again. 
After that Andy and I hit the road and headed back to Jasper a little early so we could get some lake time in. it was a beautiful day at the lake and a great way to end the weekend. 
This next weekend is just around the corner and Guess who's Birthday it is ANDY'S, he is turning the BIG 28....on Friday!!! WOW!!!!


Rachel Erin said...

What a fun-filled weekend! :)

Thanks for the tip about our bedroom...the throw pillows actually have the blue in them! I'm super excited and can't wait to do it! I'm glad you think it will look good b/c you are so good at these things! :)

Happy Early Birthday Andy! When you are you guys coming to visit??

Janelle & Ella said...

2 MORE DAYS!! I can't wait to see you guys!

Caroline said...

oooooo i wish i had known about that dessert place because my mom and i would have been all over it!!!!!!!!

fun weekend and you look so cute!!!!

Caroline said...

corey give us an update. hey send me your email

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! Rusty turns 28 this year and I keep teasing him that he will be pushing "30".

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